[video] rez - the core


To start of. I am a huge SEGA fan. In particular of the dreamcast. One of the many gems on the dreamcast was REZ and because there wasn't much fan made stuff on this game on the internet, i started making my own trailer based on the REZ universe.

The story on this trailer is about humanity trying to hack into creation itself.
We try to unravel the great mystery of life itself all the time. We are creations on our own and
we try to expand our lifecycle in many different ways and try to know the human itself.

This trailer is about us trying to hack into our own dna creation systems.
We create and develop many great tools, but what is inside our cells and
how people can have dreams and develop creation is still a mystery.

This small story is about the " Core ". The core is the main program that develops
our dreams. Its the god of our inner self. While humanity is trying to hack this program,
the program resists and tries to regenerate in different way's while showing
that this mystery should stay the way it is.

Art & Creation is supposed to have a mysterious aura around it. This makes
it more interesting to us. Humanity is trying to hack into the core with several
different trojan viruses. The Core is ready for it. Are we ready for the mystery......?

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