I bought a notebook with Windows 10 Home and upgraded to Windows 10 Pro. This is my journey

I got it from the shop and pressed the power button as quickly as I could. It wouldn't start. I tried several times the power button. I came to the conclusion that I had to connect it to the charger. It worked.

The setup process of Windows 10 started. It had McAfee preinstalled (yuck!) with other software. I was already thinking I have to do a clean install. I used the option that comes with the operating system, Reset this PC, which is described as: "If your PC isn't running well, resetting it might help. This lets you choose to keep your files or remove them, and then reinstalls Windows". I'll give it a try, I said. The process took a lot of time (a few hours) but the device had the same state, it reinstalled all the junk. Also, it was Windows 10 Home.

I though that I really need to do a clean install this time. I already had an USB drive ready with Windows 10 Pro so I started the process immediately. I deleted all the partitions and started the process. It too…

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Having problems with battery life on Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge?

Just wait at least 3 days since you finished setup your phone to get that great battery life you heard so much about

It says this in Settings - Battery - App power saving: "To save battery power, apps that have not been used for more than 3 days have been set to save power. Apps set to save power may be unable to provide notifications".

Basically this means to wait 3 days after you finished installing and personalizing your apps. After 3 days, all the apps that you didn't use in the last 3 days will be set to save power.

You can install Greenify temporarily to check what apps might keep your device from using Doze. Just go to Greenify and tap on the plus sign. You will see "Running in background" list and "May slow down the device when..." list. Check what apps are in the "Running in background" list and, if possible, uninstall them. After that, you can uninstall Greenify if you want.

Best price in Romania for Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge is found a…

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