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bedazzled quotes

- servant (spanish): good morning, senor. would you like something to eat? - elliot (spanish): oh, i'm sorry. i don't speak spanish. wait a minute. i am speaking spanish. wow! i'm really speaking spanish. oh boy. if mrs. klein my spanish teacher could hear this. she always used to say i'd never be able to put a sentence together. i guess she was wrong. hello! i like it very much! my name is elliot! hello, juan. hello esteban. where is the library? this is the home of my aunt. no thank you, i'm allergic to shellfish. - servant (spanish): jefe, are you feeling well? - elliot (spanish): i'm fine...i'm great! bedazzled at imdb

eurotrip quotes

- scotty: let me handle this, i speak bad german. hello! - truck driver: hello! - scotty (german): my german is ill, but i can understand on you if the speaking is slowly. - truck driver (german): german! i have been driving for 14 hours straight and ai haven't slept in three days and i am wired on schnapps, benzedrine, and those little chocolate covered peanuts. - cooper: what did he said? - scotty: he said he's driving, something.. - scotty (german): do you know where is berlin? truck driver (german): berlin? yes, i know it well. i stabbed a woman in a bar in berlin. but i am going nowhere near berlin. berlin! - scotty: berlin! - truck driver (german): i also sexually assaulted a horse in berlin. - scotty: he's going to berlin. - jamie: awsome. - truck driver (german): nowhere near berlin - scotty and friends: alright, come on, let's go - truck driver (german): i'll drive this truck off a cliff...before i ever go back to berlin - scotty: next stop, berlin! (after