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caps made from recycled plastic bottles

scarfs, blankets, earbands:

what they will see, they will do

coca cola light ad

viewable with any browser campaign

"If you've come to this page, you're probably curious about the "Viewable With Any Browser" themed button on it. Here's my explanation. I am very unhappy with the current trend towards web sites designing only for specific browsers and ignoring others. It's extremely annoying to me to visit a web site and to find that I've been rejected until I come back with Netscape or Internet Explorer. It's also annoying to visit web sites that allow you in with any browser, but rely heavily on tags only supported in a few popular browsers, or leave out support for text browsers."

longest doodle


family guy super scene

superman in class

crazy driver

how to see without motion blur

"Note: The trick of seeing without motion blur may only work with CRT monitors.

Thanks to our monitors, we are a able to see without motion blur. Wave your hand quickly (like you are waving goodbye) away from the monitor so your monitor isn't behind your hand. You'll notice the motion blur. Now, do the same thing but move your hand between your eyes and the monitor (so you see your monitor in the background). You'll notice that there is no motion blur. You're now seeing your hand moving at the speed of your monitors refresh rate (usually about 75 fps). The reason you're not seeing motion blur is becuase the monitor is flashing (like explained above). You're only noticing your hand when your monitor flashes back to black."

How many frames per second can the human eye see?

star wars 2007

david "elsewhere" bernal

golf gti ad (click for video, you will need quicktime plugin), frank sinatra - singing in the rain:

on wikipedia

official site

funny energy saving posters


freakin tree of life



"we are the axis of internet terror" (youtube user)

be careful parents! : )


bubble and cigaretts

funny ad

eyeOS - web based operating system

eyeOS is an Open Source Web Desktop Environment, commonly known as Web Operating System (Web OS) or Web Office. eyeOS is Open Source Software, and can be downloaded or used through the official eyeOS server. The basic System comes with some office and PIM applications, and the complete eyeOS software database can be found at and in the public server. More information can be found at the forums and in the screenshots section.


"Spoke POV (Persistence Of Vision)is an easy-to-make electronic kit toy that turns your bicycle wheel into a customized display! The project includes a free schematic design, open software for uploading and editing stored bitmap images, and a high-quality kit with all the parts necessary to build your own."

spiderman 3 new trailer

2001.09.11 conspiracy?

some explanations:
1. somebody is very stupid and doesn't know how to hide things that shouldn't be seen
2. these videos are made to make people thing that something greater than a terrorist atack happend at 9/11

i'm going with option 1

"The energy we need is all around us."

the old, great, great, great universe

v for vendetta

for the ones that didn't see the movie yet

ben takes a photo of himself everyday


taking back sunday - liar

barnyard trailer

a fun and educational movie


"The strange-looking deep sea creature known as the Blobfish (Genus Psychrolutes)."

how it should have ended

which file extension are you?


elastic body tricks

sd card with display

"A few days ago, you read about a flash drive with an E Ink display on the outside, allowing you to determine how much space is left without having to plug it into a PC. This is a good thing, so we’re happy to hear of similar technology coming to other storage media. In this case, a Taiwanese company called A DATA has announced that at CES 2007, they’ll be releasing the Info SD, the first SD card to feature a bi-stable display which will inform you of the card’s remaining space. Bi-stable is just geekspeak to say that the display will work without the need to have electricity applied: it’s updated once its inserted in a device, and retains its value when removed. Pricing hasn’t been announced."

the air guitar tshirt

"It's called the WIS - the Wearable Instrument Shirt - and it is tipped to make the air guitar as obsolete as the horse and cart."

""The left arm chooses a note and the right arm plays it," said Richard Helmer, a CSIRO chemical engineer who led the project. The arrangement can be reversed for left-handed musicians."

“The technology – which is adaptable to almost any kind of apparel – takes clothing beyond its traditional role of protection and fashion into the realms of entertainment and a wide range of other applications including the development of clothes which will be able to monitor physiological changes”,,.html

echolocation - daredevil's power

"Human echolocation is the ability of humans to sense objects in their environment by hearing echos off those objects. This ability is used by some blind people to navigate within their environment. It is similar in principle to active sonar and to the animal echolocation employed by some animals, including bats and dolphins."

"An accomplished user of echolocation is Ben Underwood. Diagnosed with retinal cancer at the age of two, he had his eyes removed at the age of three. He discovered echolocation at the age of seven and now uses it to accomplish such feats as running, basketball, rollerblading, foosball and skateboarding. He was recently featured on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and Oprah, where he demonstrated his unique abilities. He does not use a white cane but is able to detect not only the position, size and frequently composition of objects near him, but sometimes their shape."

messenger virus remover

so i made this witch will remove the yahoo messenger virus
- create a .txt file, copy this code in it:

reg delete hklm\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run /v svchost /f
reg delete hklm\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run /v "task manager" /f
taskkill /im svchost32.exe
cd c:\windows\system
del svchost32.exe
del svhost.exe
reg add hkcu\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\policies\system /v disableregistrytools /t reg_dword /d 0 /f
reg add hkcu\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\policies\system /v disabletaskmgr /t reg_dword /d 0 /f
reg add hkcu\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\policies\explorer /v norun /t reg_dword /d 0 /f
reg add "hkcu\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main" /v "start page" /d "about:blank" /f
reg add hkcu\Software\yahoo\pager\View\YMSGR_buzz /v "content url" /d "" /f
reg add hkcu\Software\yahoo\pager\View\YMSGR_Launchcast /v "content url&qu…

emisiunea marfa pe realitatea tv

Durata: 10 minute
Difuzare: 16:50, 18:50 si 00:50 De luni până vineri

""Marfă" ţine un jurnal al realităţilor “strict urbane”: ce e fresh, trendy, hip, funky, hot, de la apă plată cu lămaie şi google până la gumă de mestecat pentru baloane, colorată, pentru dinţi sănătosi, lipită sub birou sau de talpa vecinilor. "

pe site exista si o arhiva a episoadelor:

lost season 3

"Season 3 began airing in the United States and Canada on October 4, 2006 and will feature 22 episodes delivered in two blocks: an initial autumn arc of six episodes and a second run of sixteen consecutive episodes beginning on February 7, 2007"

folding tshirt

folding machine:

hoops and yoyo

Image tons of wallpapers, ecards (you're nice ecard, you're cute ecard), screen savers, manners (asking to go out and play manners), animated series

the subways - with you

latest winamp


things you can't do when you're not in a pool

stimultan international edition


wii nintendo


radiohead - just

clerks 2

clerks was a cool movie but clerks 2 is way cooler: "one ring to rule them all"
a must see movie

made by kevin smith (silent bob)


ascii star wars - episode 4

1. Open Windows XP and go to Start, then run.
2. Type in or copy "telnet" without the commas.
3. Sit back and watch the ASCII movie

real fire visualisation

lamborghini italian police car

mouse made of stone



denver water ad: use only what you need


rob dougan - clubbed to death

new irfan view, irfan view plugins and opera

"one world" effect

subiecte atestat informatica 2006

hyperactive editing

trailers of the 8 horror movies


Penny Dreadful
The Gravedancers
The Hamiltons
Dark Ride
The Abandoned
Wicked Little Things
Snoop Dogg's Hood of Horror
The Tripper

the unrest:

evan almighty trailer - comedy

latest version of flash player

Flash Player (Non-IE) : opera, firefox

Flash Player (IE) : internet explorer (IE), avant, maxthon

3 songs

craig armstrong - escape (remix)
craig armstrong - leaving paris
craig armstrong - weather storm

leaving paris:

clicknet colind si uratura

teenage mutant ninja turtles trailer

stranger than fiction trailer

children of men trailer

night at the museum trailer

the invisible trailer

pan's labyrinth trailer

300 trailer

perfume trailer

deja vu trailer

the prestige trailer

the fountain trailer

smokin' aces trailer

stunt man

yahoo messenger virus

it sends links with the virus to your friend list without your knowledge

how to prevent it:
- update your antivirus, if you don't have one, get from here
- DO NOT click on weird, suspicious links from your friends
- keep in mind that your friends may not know that you got the link with the virus
- get some anti-spyware tools:

how to remove, kill, destroy, get rid off the yahoo messenger virus:

simply google

all the google searches in one place:


listen while you read:

(Music. Beep.)

Secretary: - Mr. President, Condoleeza Rice is here to see you.
George B. : - Good, send her in.
Secretary: - Yessir.

(Hangs up. Condi enters.)

Condoleeza: - Good morning, Mr. President.
George B. : - Oh Condoleeza, nice to see you. What’s happening?
Condoleeza : - Well, Mr. President, I have the report here about the new leader in China.
George B. : - Great, Condi. Lay it on me.
Condoleeza : - Mr. President, Hu is the new leader of China.
George B. : - Well, that’s what I want to know.
Condoleeza : - But that’s what I’m telling you, Mr. President.
George B. : - Well, that’s what I’m asking you, Condie. Who is the new leader of China?
Condoleeza : - Yes.
George B. : - I mean the fellow’s name.
Condoleeza : - Hu.
George B. : - The guy in China.
Condoleeza : - Hu.
George B. : - The new leader of China.
Condoleeza : - Hu.
George B. : - The Chinaman!
Condoleeza : - Hu is leading China, Mr. President.
George B. : - Whaddya’ asking me …


rubik cube solver:



jim breuer's metallica stand up

water surface used as music controller


bluetooth lego car

rubik's cube alternates

ad against alcohol