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the fountain review

there are 3 stories, past, present, future and all 3 are about love, fear of losing someone important, death, and fear of death

the soundtrack it's very good, by clint mansell

new k-lite

10 things to save the planet

1. Pay attention to how you use water. The little things can make a big difference. Every time you turn off the water while you're brushing your teeth, you're doing something good. Got a leaky toilet? You might be wasting 200 gallons of water a day [Source: EPA]. Try drinking tap water instead of bottled water, so you aren't wasting all that packaging as well. Wash your clothes in cold water when you can.

2. Leave your car at home. If you can stay off the road just two days a week, you'll reduce greenhouse gas emissions by an average of 1,590 pounds per year [Source: EPA]. Combine your errands -- hit the post office, grocery store and shoe repair place in one trip. It will save you gas and time.

3. Walk or ride your bike to work, school and anywhere you can. You can reduce greenhouse gases while burning some calories and improving your health. If you can't walk or bike, use mass transit or carpool. Every car not on the road makes a difference.

4. Recycle.You can he…

28 weeks later trailer

this is the trailer of 28 weeks later, 28 days later sequel:

and this is 28 days later trailer, the first movie:

polymorphic computer

polymorphism = the occurrence of different forms, stages, or types in individual organisms or in organisms of the same species, independent of sexual variations

"BOFFINS WORKING for the US military contractor Raytheon have come up with what they are computers that can adopt different forms depending on what they have to run.
Called, Monarch (Morphable Networked Micro-Architecture) the computer has been developed to tackle the large data volume of sensor systems as well as their signal and data processing throughput requirements.

It outperformed the Intel quad-core Xeon chip by a factor of 10, claimed Uros.
When stuck in an array containing six microprocessors Monarch has managed 64 gigaflops with more than 60 gigabytes per second of memory bandwidth and more than 43 gigabytes per second of off-chip data bandwidth. "


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stardust trailer

anonymous browse

bandwidth test

tmnt review

"we live together, we train together, we fight together, we stand for good together, we are ninjas, we strike hard, defend, protect, and fade into the night, and there ain't no bad guy or monster gonna ever change that, that's what's important, and that's why we're always be brothers"

tmnt rocked, tmnt rocks

night watch and day watch trailers

two russian sf movies about the fight between forces of light and darkness, night watch (nochnoy dozor) is the first, day watch (dnevnoi dozor) is the sequel, i saw them both, they are very well made

believe in everything

Google could save the world by going black

"AN ECOLOGY site claims that Google could save the world a lot of lecky by changing its web design.

All Google has to do is change its home page from a electricity sucking white colour, to a more eco-friendly black.

According to, here, a cathode ray tube (CRT) monitor uses about 74 watts to display an all white web page, but only uses 59 watts to display an all black page.
Said that there are a lot of CRT monitors out there, which means that they waste energy displaying white backgrounds.

If Google, which gets about 200 million queries a day, displays each query for about 10 seconds, it means that it will burn 550,000 hours every day on desktops.

A shift to a black background will save a total of 15 watts. If a quarter of the monitors in the world are CRTs, and at 10 cents a kilowatt-hour, that's about $75,000 a year.

OK this is not much, about the same amount that INQ head office's solar power division will be providing to the national grid, but it is something.

4-legged chicken


new: arctic monkeys - brainstorm

300 review

this movie is a must see, 3 major funny moments, great special effects are not missing, you will not regret this, for spartaaa!

justice league


new opera



targ al universitatii bucuresti


nomad trailer

new software

new yahoo messenger

deja vu review

it's based on the theory that if you go in the past you change the future and it's not already changed

yes, those are fish, dead fish!

"'A Lack Of Oxygen'? Tens of thousands of fish have been found in California, Oregon, Washington State, Pennsylvania, and the Potomac etc. This is happening world wide, from Romania to China! Combine these massive die-offs with thousands of dead whales, sea turtles, porpoises, birds, honey bees, and butterflies. Well, it's not hard to reason that the planet is dying. These massive deaths appear to be reported only locally and never making it to the national scene or an all out alarm by the EPA or environmental (corporate sponsored) groups?"


the unsustainables


the greens

Image is a new kids' guide to looking after the planet. Kids can watch THE GREENS' cartoon adventures and discover related green games, news, downloads, a blog, action tips, links, and much more. This innovative, Web-only project comes from WGBH in Boston, the producer of shows like ZOOM, ARTHUR, Frontline & NOVA.

new software

shutdown day 2007.03.24

"It is obvious that people would find life extremely difficult without computers, maybe even impossible. If they disappeared for just one day, would we be able to cope?

Be a part of one of the biggest global experiments ever to take place on the internet. The idea behind the experiment is to find out how many people can go without a computer for one whole day, and what will happen if we all participate!

Shutdown your computer on this day and find out! Can you survive for 24 hours without your computer?"

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present arms by yoshihiko satoh


art meets cartoons



29.06 - 01.07

artisti confirmati:
Alice Cooper
Marilyn Manson
Wu-Tang Clan



spider meeting