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new yahoo messenger 9 beta

Yahoo! Messenger Beta

- integrated media player
- new contact list appearance
- new skins and emoticons

new versions

festival urban skillz, 2 - 4 noiembrie 2007

locatie: fabrica (ex-testpoint), str. 11 iunie nr 50

bilet: 15 ron
abonament: 30 ron

biletele se pot lua de la mag. muzica (calea victoriei 141), mag. rulez (str. stirbei voda nr 78a) sau direct la

accesul se face exclusiv pe baza de bilet/abonament/invitatie/acreditare INSOTIT DE O CARTE


vineri 2 nov
host: brugner

15:00 - open doors: ceainarie japoneza, otaku workshop, expo foto, expo grafica tara von neudorf, space painting, talcioc muzical
15:30 - graffitti contest (ziua 1), tematica: ecologica - protectia mediului, live dj : hefe
16:00 - break dance showcase + warm-up, mc's: dragonu si brugner, dj paul
19:00 - break-dance battle
20:00 - gala premiilor - bboy
20:15 - live open-mic session hosted by brugner
21:00 - party romano/g-force sound
23:00 - chill-out afterparty cu irina sarbu band

sambata 3 nov
host: erps

12:00 - activitati: open doors: ceainarie japoneza, otaku workshop, expo foto, expo grafica tara von neudorf, space painting, talcioc muzical, live dj

slot - 2 warz

21 facts about the internet

i'll wait for the next one

bizarro - good cop, really bad cop


wwf australia earth hour

wizard of oz - short version


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posta romana - exista un drum catre o viata normala

in 3.000 de oficii postale din intreaga tara se comercializeaza bratari de silicon, inscriptionate cu sloganul campaniei, prezenta acestora in reteaua postala fiind semnalata prin intermediul afiselor

pretul unei bratari este de 5 lei

banii colectati, 180.000 de lei, vor fi donati asociatiei caritas bucuresti, membru fondator al federatiei "reteaua organizatiilor sindrom down din romania" (farosdr), pentru construirea in bucuresti, pe strada gheorghe pripu, a unui complex social de servicii pentru persoanele cu dizabilitati


band and song discoverers

noaptea alba 3 26 - 27 octombrie 2007

26 - 27 octombrie 2007

concerte, expozitii, muzee, teatre, librarii deschise

proiectii cu fete de tineri din generatia actuala

orice tanar din generatia actuala isi poate adauga poza aici


1. complexul cultural - sportiv studentesc tei - ora 17.00

- acces gratuit
- competitii sportive:
- campionat de fotbal
- campionat de tenis de camp masculin si feminin
- campionat de paintball
- jocuri distractive

competitiile se vor incheia cu premiera castigatorilor.

2. opera nationala bucuresti - ora 18.30

acces gratuit pe baza de invitatie la spectacolul „ trubadurul” de g. verdi

- spectacol eveniment, cu participare internationala.

3. teatrul national bucuresti - ora 19.00

acces gratuit pe baza de invitatie la spectacolul „burghezul gentilom”, dupa moliere

- spectacol cu distributie de exceptie: victor rebengiuc; maia morgenstern; medeea marinescu; maria buza; eugen cristea; claudiu bleont.

4. teatrul de comedie

acces gratuit pe baza de invitatie la spectacolele:

- ora 19.00 la sala mare - „galy gay” sau…

2 kitties


father and daughter dancing shoes



new version

what kind of blogger are you?


50 greatest one-hit wonders

1. los del rio - macarena (1996)
2. vanilla ice - ice ice baby (1990)
3. baha men - who let the dogs out? (2000)
4. right said fred - i'm too sexy (1991)
5. dexys midnight runners - come on eileen (1982)
6. joan osbourne - one of us (1995)
7. nena - 99 luftballons (1984)
8. the knack - my sharona (1979)
9. meredith brooks - bitch (1997)
10. survivor - eye of the tiger (1982)
11. new radicals - you get what you give (1999)
12. 4 non blondes - what's up (1993)
13. sinead o'connor - nothing compares to you (1990)
14. bobby mcferrin - don't worry be happy (1988)
15. minnie riperton - lovin' you
16. the cardigans - lovefool (1996)
17. soft cell - tainted love (1982)
18. the archies - sugar, sugar (1969)
19. europe - the final countdown (1986)
20. lou bega - mambo no. 5 (1999)
21. aqua - barbie girl (1997)
22. emf - unbelievable (1991)
23. eifel 65 - blue (da ba dee) (1999)
24. the verve - bitter sweet symphony (1997)
25. falco - rock me amadeus (1985)
26. spandau balle…

infinite oz

citroen c-crosser

new versions

balloon skating bowl

wifi detector tshirt


toyota wow

confusing words

confusing words is a collection of 3210 words that are troublesome to readers and writers

words are grouped according to the way they are most often confused or misused


maraton la preoteasa


15. octombrie 2007
20:00 ducu bertzi / eugen avram / raul cristea / 3 ceasuri bune club preoteasa

17. octombrie 2007
20:00 concert tudor gheorghe casa de cultura a studentilor

18. octombrie 2007
20:00 concert a.g. weinberger. invitat - norris club preoteasa

19. octombrie 2007
23:00 concerte zum / artivity collective / funkey brothers / dj vasile / shukar collective club preoteasa

20. octombrie 2007
20:00 concertetrupa veche / semnal m club preoteasa

21. octombrie 2007
20:00 cenaclul flacara - si totusi iubirea casa de cultura a studentilor

23. octombrie 2007
20:00 ioan gyuri pascu & the blue workers / mircea florian club preoteasa

24. octombrie 2007
20:00 spectacol de muzica si dansuri al ansamblurilor cununa carpatilor / doina / romanasul casa de cultura a studentilor

25. octombrie 2007
20:00 concerte marius pop / berti barbera / tudy zaharescu / teodora enache club preoteasa

26. octombrie 2007
20:00 concerte solaris / ms / vita de vie / zdob si zdub campus pol…

blog action day is today

stop polluting the planet

use the recycle bins wisely

disconnect your electronics from the power source when you are not home

plant more trees

help build gardens on buildings

stop smoking

be free but be smart

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golden compass new trailer


charlie wilson's war

campaign in london


camera 80


kill bill re-enact by angry alien productions

the eye

one missed call

easy fill water bottle

created by 15 year old anna axelsson


slippers with light


new versions

10 ani ocs


sony bravia bunnies

tanning tattoo


b3o - damage absorbing material

thinger - plugin for firefox, multiple search bars

# Bookmark links - Add a single bookmark wherever you like onto your toolbars. Including livemarks and folders which expand as you would expect.

# Bookmark toolbars - Choose any bookmark folder and get it displayed just like the regular bookmarks toolbar.

# Search bars - Just like the standard search bar. Put it wherever you like and choose the search engine you want to use with it. Supports all the standard features like search suggestions and history.

# Script items - For the more adventurous, lets you add a button onto the toolbar and write some custom javascript to run when the button is clicked. The code runs with full chrome privileges.

more than one, search, bars, boxes, multiple, firefox


disney desperate hosewives


vw bus cutaway


360 desktop

360desktop extends your windows desktop as a user generated, photo-panoramic space and delivers a personalized web, free of the browser, into a virtually unlimited desktop.


10 fascinating tombs


pedal powered 3d lamborghini


suicide, homicide


the answer to life, the universe, and everything

reverse graffiti

the end makes me sad


hanging monasteries


unicef flipbook

stonehenge theory and demonstration

prison clock


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