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new version

iron giant - lego version


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improv everywhere - the camera flash experiment


drinking in the rain

andrew leinonen

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if frogs go extinct, you’ll notice


guy stuck in class

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burn after reading trailer

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new version

fastra - the future is now

computer with 8 gpus for tomography

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street delivery 2008

iata, din nou street delivery, pachetul de arta si distractie urbana

6-8 iunie
str. arthur verona


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freak angels 15

the longshots trailer

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cute tongue tricks

armageddon quote

"components. american components, russian components, all made in taiwan!"lev andropov from armageddon (imdb profile)

21 ways to shoot better photographs

click here

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displacements - michael naimark

actually, all the things in that room are white and there are no people in there

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he's just not that into you trailer

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cell phone in microwave

don't try this at home, something very bad will happen, seriously

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windows 7 has some microsoft surface features

source: gizmodo


or how to use any object as a game controller using any webcam

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serj tankian - empty walls

from a friend

enable a warning message on windows logon

start - run - type "regedit"

go to:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon

add or modify:
new - string value - type "LegalNoticeCaption", this is the title
new - string value - type "LegalNoticeText", this is the message

source: microsoft

heroes novel 87

concert light fantastic

hard rock cafe
31 mai 2008

matt highley - voce
mihai paveliu - chitara solo, backing vocals
daniel radu - chitara ritmica
alex stanciu - bass
georgian nitu - keyboards, backing vocals
ionut nistor - tobe

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a digital "telescope" connecting new york life with londons

how it all began (read from bottom and climb to the top)

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world's biggest drawing


dan mumford artist

burj dubai construction


insects and spiders eyes

universe explained in the powers of ten

raccoon rescue


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babylon a.d. trailer

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crazy credits - imdb section

here you can see if there are some weird happenings after the credits of movies

just like in iron man and x-men 3

daft bodies

the good, the bad, the weird trailer

nice, catchy song

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ego cafe

net + tv + cafe

red hot chili peppers - snow

Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Snow (Hey Oh)Found at
rip rhcp, rip

oh, and yeah, it's chili, not chilli! no double L, that's for the band's name

chili or chilli

from a friend+

inner city snail


weezer - pork and beans = youtube stars video

freak angels 14

kohler ad

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image metrics software

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tattoo on human hair

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the look of love

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2008 subaru forester - sumo car wash ad

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starfish time lapse

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comedy central show - fake deer talking

logo math

fringe tv series trailer

by j.j. abrams

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the go-getter trailer

eagle eye trailer

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new versions

soda seal


lacoste - tennis after 75 years from now

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heroes novel 86

snake game - student house mod

from a friend

the crystal ball

australia trailer

next generation computer geeks

more kids and babies pictures: darkroastedblend

double dutch tricks

source: haha

type modes

lamerize, 1337

another leet


uʍop ǝpısdn

google 1337 search

there is this site too, but it doesn't work with firefox:

‫‬‭‮‪‫‬‭‮҉ use this symbol to write backward automatically

23 mai, noaptea alba a galeriilor

vineri, 23 mai
18:00 - 04:00
peste 70 de artisti
intrare gratis
14 galerii:

unagaleria - str. g-ral budisteanu nr. 10
galeria posibila - str. popa petre nr. 6
galeria andreiana mihail - str. pandele tarusanu nr. 4
galeria anaid - str. slobozia nr. 34
atelier in tranzitie - bd-ul regina elisabeta nr. 16
salonul de mai - str. maria rosetti nr. 12 cool cat - str. gabroveni nr. 13
galeria ivan - str. maria rosetti nr. 52
galeria h'art - str. mihai eminescu nr. 105-107
galeria digitala 115 - str. mihai eminescu nr. 115
galeria sub_carturesti - str. pictor verona nr. 13
galeria atelier 35 - str. selari nr. 13
galeria kollector - str. blanari nr. 21
roll-up studio petarta - str. mircea vulcanescu nr. 2-4
galeria 26//ota - str. d. staicovici nr. 26


the animals save the planet

20 places threatened by global warming

the day there was no news vs no news

by jason arber

by adam buxton


superheroes grown old


the dark knight trailer = batman trailer remake

source: saynotocrack

the mummy: tomb of the dragon emperor trailer

city of ember trailer


source: geekologie

arrow backpacker pontoon boat


samsung - 10 optical illusions

source: techeblog

mirror's edge trailer analysis

freak angels 13

chevrolette - get real

source: adarena

heroes novel 85

microsoft worldwide telescope beta launched

download from

this is something like google earth with less images about the earth and more about the universe, from microsoft

wikipedia profile

source: downloadsquad

balls of steel - neg's urban sports

primul concurs de hacky din romania

17 mai
mojo shop, str. brezoianu 35, langa hotel opera

sursa: mariansky

divisibility rules

one world romania

"Primul festival de film documentar din România dedicat drepturile omului
27 MAI - 1 IUNIE

27.05 - 1.06 / Centrul Ceh - Information & Meeting kit
27.05 / Arcub (evenimentul de deschidere, prezentarea festivalului, concert live)
28.05 - 1.06 / Centrul Cultural al Republicii Ungare, Cinema Eforie, Cinema Union
1.06 / Muzeul Taranului Roman (program special programat de ziua copilului)

peste 40 de filme din 20 de tari, grupate in 8 categorii tematice, prezentate pe parcursul a 5 zile in 4 locatii din Bucuresti.
peste 20 de invitati din 8 tari."mai multe detalii:

x-files: i want to belive trailer

source: filmonic

light bulb ad

source: boingboing

ocean storm in bretagne, france

source: savedem

the cans festival, london

"some people are calling it the greatest stencil art show that has ever taken place in a tunnel underneath waterloo station"from

song: ltj bukem - atlantis

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alpha bank - lego ad

source: feeder

game: frets on fire

a simply guitar hero freeware version (hold the keyboard like this dude, above), you cand add and create songs, 3 difficulty levels

it's so freakin' great!

wikipedia profile

download and official site:

electronic keyboard guitar sound by ronald jenkees

harta verde

11 mai
adica o harta pe care sunt semnalate toate locurile “verzi” din Bucuresti ….
adica parcurile, zonele verzi, habitatele naturale, centrele de reciclare DAR SI muzeele, monumentele, magazinele de produse naturiste, bibliotecile, galerile de arta, pistele pentru biciclete, magazinele

sursa: stiupecineva

comenzi in trafic, pe bune!

iron sky trailer

game: chronotron


from a friend and downloadsquad

new versions

17 mai, ziua cea mai verde

creata de si heineken romania

17 mai
piata revolutiei
la ora 13:00 vor fi ong-uri care promoveaza proiectele ecologice
de la 17:00 concert vita de vie, sarmalele reci, byron si krypton

sursa: dordeduca

17 mai, noaptea muzeelor

17 mai 2008
incepand cu ora 16:00
pana la 04:00
intrare gratuita:

muzeul colectiilor de arta
muzeul militar national regele ferdinand i
muzeul municipiului bucuresti
muzeul national al satului dimitrie gusti
muzeul national cotroceni
muzeul national de arta al romaniei
muzeul national de arta contemporana
muzeul national de geologie
muzeul national de istorie a romaniei
muzeul national de istorie naturala grigore antipa
muzeul national george enescu
muzeul taranului roman

mai multe detalii

sursa: 9am

afro ninjaaa!



source: baekdal

jeans on!

how to put your jeans in a cool way

source: neatorama

expozitie foto la statia de metrou dristor 1

15 mai - 30 iunie
vernisaj 15 mai, 19:00

sursa: metropotam

simpsons couch intro

igor trailer

pull the switch!

source: firstshowing

mtv movie awards nominees 2008

best female performance
· ellen page- juno
· keira knightley - pirates of the caribbean: at world’s end
· katherine heigl - knocked up
· amy adams- enchanted
· jessica biel- i now pronounce you chuck & larrybest villain
· johnny depp- sweeney todd: the demon barber of fleet street
· denzel washington- american gangster
· angelina jolie- beowulf
· topher grace- spider-man 3
· javier bardem- no country for old menbest comedic performance
· johnny depp- pirates of the caribbean: at world’s end
· adam sandler- i now pronounce you chuck & larry
· jonah hill- superbad
· seth rogen- knocked up
· amy adams- enchantedbest fight
· matt damon vs. joey ansah- the bourne ultimatum
· tobey maguire vs. james franco- spider-man 3
· hayden christensen vs. jamie bell- jumper
· sean faris vs. cam gigandet- never back down
· chris tucker & jackie chan vs. sun ming ming- rush hour 3
· alien vs. predator- aliens vs. predator – requiembest kiss
· shia labeouf and sarah roemer- disturbia
· amy adams and patrick dempsey…

noise trailer

new versions

pangea day update

In Romania Pangea Day va avea loc in Bucuresti, Cluj, Iasi si Suceava, sambata 10 mai. Incepand cu ora 20, Terasa La Motoare va gazdui evenimentul din Bucuresti, unde timp de patru ore granitele de orice fel vor fi uitate. sursa: dordeduca

friends of pangea day bucuresti

zondron: pangea day (detalii)

san raffaele hospital - videogame ad

source: ibelieveinadv

mirror's edge trailer

just. beautiful.

yin yang equation


pangea day

18:00 gmt (21:00 in romania)
Starting at 18:00 GMT on May 10, 2008, locations in Cairo, Kigali, London, Los Angeles, Mumbai, and Rio de Janeiro will be linked for a live program of powerful films, live music, and visionary speakers. The entire program will be broadcast – in seven languages – to millions of people worldwide through the internet, television, and mobile phones.from:

source: metropotam

the first digital camera

The first recorded attempt at building a digital camera was by Steven Sasson, an engineer at Eastman Kodak. It used the then-new solid-state CCD image sensor chips developed by Fairchild Semiconductor in 1973. The camera weighed 8 pounds (3.6 kg), recorded black and white images to a cassette tape, had a resolution of 0.01 megapixels (10,000 pixels), and took 23 seconds to capture its first image in December of 1975. The prototype camera was a technical exercise, not intended for production.from: wikipedia

source: presurfer

simpsons movie parodies


source: haha

twilight trailer

heroes novel 84

mediafax foto - best of 2007

Pana pe 31 mai puteti vedea expozitia in aer liber „Mediafax Foto - Best of 2007". Pe latura exterioara a gardului Muzeului National de Arta al Romaniei (MNAR), dinspre Calea Victoriei sunt expuse cele mai bune fotografii realizate anul trecut de catre fotografii acestei agentii de presa.sursa: dordeduca

meme les pigeons vont au paradis

by samuel torneux


urban legend encyclopedia

underneath it all - pixelart


interesting pixel art image, you can flip it (lower right corner)

source: aboutcolonblank


one horse-powered vechicle, can charge a battery and power two lcd monitors for advertising in the sides of the vechicle

more details

source: neatorama

wedding toast - amy's song

source: neatorama

dog rescue team to the rescue! in thailand

source: neatorama

indiana jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull new trailer

source: firstshowing

babies falling

religion and people...

source: neatorama

5 metronomes synchronizating

source: neatorama

dirk valentine game


source: haha

suleman mirza, michael jackson and britain's got talent

source: haha

tetris theme with bottles

source: haha

new version

boomerang in space

source: ohgizmo

nojae park's yoghurt-pot spoon


freak angels 12

prototype trailer

wikipedia page

gametrailers profile (more trailers)

from a friend

the mended spiderweb series

The Mended Spiderweb series came about during a six-week period in June and July in 1998 which I spent on Pörtö. In the forest and around the house where I was living, I searched for broken spiderwebs which I repaired using red sewing thread. All of the patches were made by inserting segments one at a time directly into the web. Sometimes the thread was starched, which made it stiffer and easier to work with. The short threads were held in place by the stickiness of the spider web itself; longer threads were reinforced by dipping the tips into white glue. I fixed the holes in the web until it was fully repaired, or until it could no longer bear the weight of the thread. In the process, I often caused further damage when the tweezers got tangled in the web or when my hands brushed up against it by accident.

The morning after the first patch job, I discovered a pile of red threads lying on the ground below the web. At first I assumed the wind had blown them out; on closer inspection it b…

photos by li wei


source: savedem

tim nolan - acrobat

source: presurfer

honey badger