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the thing short tribute movie


song: zombie zombie - driving this road until death

source: neatorama

two-story handmade camping car, rv


electric car drag racing: white zombie

source: neatorama

oren lavie - her morning elegance

source: fubiz

space pips game


source: theawesomer

asubi seksu - me & mary

source: oneday

lexus es - cards ad

new versions

ati catalyst drivers 9.1 xp
audacity 1.3.7 rc2
winamp 5.55 full beta 2353

why so curious, beetlejuice, the joker, heath ledger

source: 1, 2

freak angels 44

pepsi max - i'm good ad

matt & kim - daylight

how to play .amr files

what you'll need:
quick time or quicktime alternativeqtamr_source.exe, mirrorinstall quick time
install qtamr_source.exeplay the file with quick timeor you could convert it: (online)
mobile amr converter (offline)

source: forums.winamp

justin reed art


karoshi suicide salaryman game

just kill the man, will ya - play

source: downloadsquad

heroes novel 122

i love metallica


a thousand words


on time:

made by ted chung

source: fubiz

lykke li - tonight video

don't know her but she sounds good

source: designyoutrust

e-trade - babies ad

good dick review

an interesting love story between a movie rental clerk and a lonely woman, they watch porn together and they fall in love

she's the director, the producer and the writer of the movie

there was more comedy than drama and it has a weird but good vibe

very funny, pletzki to pletzki


closure game


new versions

ccleaner 2.16.830
foobar2000 beta 3 3.0.1 final
recuva 1.23.389
shockwave player
spybot search & destroy 1.6.2
xnview v1.96 beta 3
yahoo! messenger


crossblock game


focus 12 rehab center ads

there's no such thing as an old junkie

myconfinedspace 1
myconfinedspace 2
myconfinedspace 3

the offspring - she's got issues

yes, that's zooey deschanel

coca-cola - library ad

source: ibelieveinadv

new versions

ad-aware 2009
nvidia forceware 181.22 whql xp
quicktime alternative 2.8.0
utorrent 1.8.2 build 14153
winamp 5.55 full beta 2345

earth hour 2009

8:30 pm
saturday, 28 march 2009

turn off the lights for one hour

from a friend

electric box game


source: cnet

super apocalypse: recycled

i spent many hours playing this game - play

source: theawesomer

x-mini 2 speakers

modular audio system

more info

source: gizmodo

friendly fires - skeleton boy

almost unrecognizable

a large growing list of unrecognizable actors in movies they played

source: presurfer

shaun of the dead movie trivia

some interesting facts about the zombie comedy shaun of the dead, go to source to read moreLook closely at all of the extras in the opening credits scene and the scene that shows Shaun walking to work. Nearly all of them will show up later in zombie-form.I remember being delighted when I heard Ed tell Shaun’s mom, “We’re coming to get you Barbara!” It’s an homage to Night of the Living Dead. Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg talked to George Romero after the premiere and he loved the movie, so they excitedly asked if he liked the Night reference. Turned out he hadn’t gotten it, but was delighted when they told him about it. He later repaid the favor by letting Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg be zombie extras in the remake of Land of the Dead.When Shaun and Ed come home trashed from the Winchester and wake up a very angry Pete, the record they’re listening to is Street Sounds Electro. According to Edgar Wright, this is an essential record for anyone who knows their electro - and Shaun would. Che…



source: neatorama

peugeot 3008 short movie

song: liquid architecture - give me something to love

use and to get the song

source: fubiz

love me tender... or else

organ donor foundation ad

becoming a donor is probably your only chance to get inside hersource: myconfinedspace

simon hogsberg - we're all going to die - 100 meters of existence

100 meters photo by simon hogsberg, check it out here

source: formfiftyfive

saxsofunny - noisy interactive poster

source: ibelieveinadv

pistol youth - in my eyes

the future of music videos

source: formfiftyfive

cadbury - eyebrows dance ad

song: freestyle - don't stop the rock

source: adarena

freak angels 43

people and animals

the last girl - epic

killzone 2 intro

just for ps3, too bad, wikipedia

source: theawesomer

wingsuit flying

Contact - Violence
Diz Organ & Sackcloth Fashion - Under Man

source: geekologie street view

daca nu google, atunci, acum avem si noi street view

sursa: metropotam

banlieu 13 ultimatum trailer

making of preview, also in french:

yes, this is the sequel to banlieue 13 aka district 13, imdb

loops of zen game


simple search[ad city here][add search query here]

is that simple, just add the city or the search query and you will be redirected to google maps or google search, like this: 51 faq

for more information go to:

source: cnet

watch obama inaguration in 3d

watch obama inaguration in 3d - all of this with the help of microsoft photosynth, very nice piece of software

source: lifehacker

swing vote trailer

this looks fun enough to watch it

source: rlstv

nick and norah's infinite playlist review

love story with teens, a lot of funny moments, good ost, the girl from charlie bartlett, the boy from juno and the car from superbad (i think)

download movie
download ost

how to play the lord of the rings: the battle for middle earth 2 over hamachi

it works only with 1.04 patch, it doesn't work with 1.06 patch because the cracked game.dat generates a random version number each time you start the game and you're unable to join a lan game
get the gameinstall 1.04 patch (LotrBfMe2-65540-english.exe),even if it says it's version 1.03, that's actually 1.04
backup your game.dat from game directorycopy game.dat crack for 1.04 patch in the game directoryinstall hamachicreate a network in hamachiplay the game on lan
and if you want to remove the intro movies:go to The Battle for Middle-earth (tm) II\data\moviesrename (just add z in front) these files: CS01.vp6, EALogo.vp6, NewLineLogo.vp6, NLC_LOGO.vp6, TE_LOGO.vp6rename EnglishSplash.jpg from game directory

friends? - vancouver film school

source: 115dag

650 million years in 1 minute 20 seconds

source: theawesomer

hereoes novel 121

pen trick fail

watch this! mike parsons

look at it growing

wikipedia: mike parsons

from a friend

how to remove yahoo messenger ad

tested on yahoo messenger

just download and execute noYMads2.bat

or create one by yourself, copy in a .txt file and save it with the extension .bat:@ECHO OFF
TITLE Remove ads from Yahoo Messenger 8-9

ATTRIB -R "%PROGRAMFILES%\Yahoo!\Messenger\Cache\urls.xml"
ECHO "" >"%PROGRAMFILES%\Yahoo!\Messenger\Cache\urls.xml"
ATTRIB +R "%PROGRAMFILES%\Yahoo!\Messenger\Cache\urls.xml"
cacls "%PROGRAMFILES%\Yahoo!\Messenger\Cache\urls.xml" /E /P %username%:N


> %TEMP%.\noYMads.reg ECHO REGEDIT4
>>%TEMP%.\noYMads.reg ECHO.
>>%TEMP%.\noYMads.reg ECHO [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Yahoo\Pager\YUrl]
>>%TEMP%.\noYMads.reg ECHO "Messenger Ad"="*"
>>%TEMP%.\noYMads.reg ECHO "Webcam Upload Ad"="*"
>>%TEMP%.\noYMads.reg ECHO "Webcam Viewer Ad"="*"
>>%TEMP%.\noYMads.reg ECHO …

the curious case of forrest gump

praticaly the same movie, different skin, the curious case of benjamin button looks like forrest gump

source: filmonic

t-mobile dance ad

source: presurfer

gorillaz toys


source: ffffound

why you shouldn't use yahoo messenger 9

because it's buggy and it's not even a beta, they were so hasty to release it that they didn't solved all the bugs
every time you start ym it enables the "animate windows when minimizing and maximizing" from control panel - system - advanced - performance - settings - visual effectsit doesn't have the option to disable profiles/aliases in messenger - my profiles like in ym8the window size of instant message isn't savedthere is no classic windows skinthe ad is still there, remove it with noymads2.batthey don't seem to read users comments about the bugsit's slower than ym8
just use yahoo! messenger

how to enable save and quit dialog in firefox 3

it's simple to disable the "quit firefox" dialog

here's how to enable it:
open firefoxtype about:config in the address barsearch for browser.tabs.warnOnClosedouble click to change the value to truego to tools - options - main - startup - when firefox starts - choose show a blank page or show my home page
if you set show my windows and tabs from last time, the dialog will not appeargo to tabs - check warn me when closing multiple tabsif the downloads window is opened, you'll get the message to close tabs (confirm close), to bring the save and quit dialog just close the downloads window

500 days of summer trailer

outlander trailer

source: firstshowing

crash in left 4 dead

i have experienced it only when i didn't used steam, this means in single player mode or when i created a in-game server

go to options - video - advanced settings - multicore rendering - disabled

hope it will help

heroes novel 116, 117, 118, 119, 120

116, 117, 118, 119, 120

without love

without love, breath is just a clock ticking
without breath, love is just necrophilia

source: haha

meeblings game

come here! go away! tree!



funny to watch: devid letterman - spidermen in a store prank

you have to watch it until the end, very nice costume convention

source: urbanprankster

medieval helpdesk

when the first books were introduced

source: laughingsquid

freak angels 42

best game eva', don't kill the puppy

play - just don't get mad

source: saynotocrack

daft punk vs. adam freeland - aer obama

a mixed-media stop motion music video and celebration commemorating the election and inauguration of Barack Obama as the forty-fourth president of these United Statessource: abduzeedo

durex - get it on ad

source: memoriesbox

cheer up, emo kid comics


the rabbit knows

source: myconfinedspace

rex the dog - bubblicious

source: /

t-28 trailer


star wars retold or something like that


obama image effect generator,


land ahead!

source and more images of this event: boston

for the metal fans, the metal band name chart

not a real fan, but i've done my part in listening some of these bands

source: myconfinedspace

planet 51 trailer

source: firstshowing

crank 2 high voltage official trailer

source: firstshowing

fast and furious trailer

gimmie a name, gimmie a name!

song: soulja boy - crank that (travis barker remix and rework) - now i know why i like this remix, it's by travis from blink, otherwise, the song is kinda mainstream

source: firstshowing

push extended clip

i think the movie will be better than it seems

source: superherohype

3 in 1 garbage

an eco friendly idea

source: yankodesign

finger magazine ads

somebody expanded the idea of pie graphs into advertising area:

other funny charts:

source: ibelieveinadv

the escapist - unskippable: dead rising

it's zombies right? it's zombies?

dodge game


eatin' heaven

source: stumbleupon

cursive - the recluse

source: oneday

doctor, kermit, radiography


!!1one ring to rule them all

source: urbanprankster

this is japan

song: LCD Soundsystem - All My Friends

source: fubiz

weird, girls and corpses magazine


what kids wish for

the gun that kills bad thoughts

the wish machine

pretty creative stuff the little buggers want to have

source and more: darkroastedblend