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singularity trailer

the crisis of credit

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funny people trailer

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the space game

simple, complex and beautiful - play

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samsung s8300 - 38 cute animals, 1 cool screen, 8 different uses ad

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solar batteries


new versions

gpu-z 0.3.2
yahoo! messenger

the people vs. george lucas trailer

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battle for terra trailer

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abstruse goose - alice and bob

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the prodigy - invaders must die

time4cat game


an interview with the founder of 4chan

christopher poole aka moot was 15 when he started the site, now he's 21

the interview


dead space extraction trailer

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frequently asked questions about time travel trailer

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steal this film: 2.5 spectrial edition #spectrial

download steal this film: spectrial edition - the spectrial edition from the series of documentaries about the pirate bay and file sharing

source: torrentfreak

privacy, internet and technology

the truth about facebook, what the privacy policy and the terms of service (that clearly you don't read) let the site to do with your information

cloning passport card RFIDs for under $250, in other words you can get the tags and eventually, steal the information stored in the biometric passports from distance with a small amount of money (wikipedia: rfid)

researchers cracked md5 with a cluster of 200 playstation 3s - md5 is an algorithm that it is used to encrypt files for a safe transfer and to store passwords (wikipedia: md5)

google latitude, the service that you can enable to tell your friends where you are

source: vectorvault, gizmodo, downloadsquad, gearfuse

frito lay's - love and sockets: made for each other

bart got a room trailer

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pop up cd packaging

new versions

cpu-z 1.50
filezilla 3.2.2 rc1
foobar2000 beta 1
k-lite mega codec pack 4.62
notepad++ 5.2
speedfan 4.38 beta 10
the gimp 2.6.5
virtualbox 2.1.4
windows live messenger 2009 (14.0.8064)
xnview v1.96 rc1

keep us busy

this guys sit in a window and wait for people to give them ideas on what to do

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colour my heart game


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the hyde tube - online short films festival


international fake trailers festival


make augmented reality movies with google earth 3d models for free

download arsights software
download the marker
select 3d model
download 3d model and use arsights software

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10 movies about drug addiction

check the comments for other movies

the list

qee and lego minifig anatomy

by jason freeny, he made this also

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must watch: star wars transitions episode 1

high quality

whasssup G?

bawl story

sad, sad

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and what brings with it

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the bravest warriors animation

also must see adventure time!

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lymelife trailer

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marijuana and driving

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russian and adult only animations


creative commons copyright explained

left 4 dead lessons

full image of what a gamer learned after playing left 4 dead

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san francisco pillow fight 2009

happened on 14.02.2009

see youtube for more videos

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otavio rios - we put anything on paper ads


i love you, beth cooper trailer

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fat drunk pepsi, response for the new pepsi logo


lavatory - lovestory short animation

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the simpsons new main title, intro, opening scene

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3d street art: ice age by edgar muller


do the green thing

when she drives

the last scene is so perfect

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for a good time

there are people that do these kind of things, maybe you should try it

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yankee gal animation

send your message to space

Image is the website that allows you to reach out with your message. In April 2009, in association with Esrange and the Swedish Space Corporation in Kiruna, a rocket containing all the messages will take off into space - for

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happy new end animation

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transformers 2: revenge of the fallen teaser trailer

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schedule, calendar, program of the pirate bay trial #spectrial

translated with google from this .pdf

calendar of the trial from

09.00 Motions and settings - the Prosecutor's Arguments and written evidence

09.00 Motions and settings - the Prosecutor's Arguments and written evidence

09.00 Malsägandenas Arguments: Sony BMG Music and others, Yellow Bird and others and
Warner Bros. and others
13.00 indicted Arguments

09.00 indicted Arguments cont.
13.00 Fredrik Neij - Hearing
14.00 Gottfrid Swartholm Warg - Hearing
15.00 Peter Sunde Kolmisoppi - Hearing

09.00 Carl Lundström - Hearing
13.00 ev. continuing questioning of defendants

09.00 Reserve day

09.00 Magnus Martensson - witness
10.00 Anders Nilsson - witness
11.00 Richard Carlswärd - witness
13.00 Jim Keyzer - ev. witness
15.30 John Steen Mark - witness

09.00 Tobias Andersson - witness
10.00 John Kennedy - witness (English interpreter)
11.00 Bertil Sandgren - witness
11.30 Rasmus Ramstad - witness
13.00 Pär Ekengren - wit…

how to follow the pirate bay trial #spectrial

twitter: sofia, her abbreviations explained here (in english)

google translation of this swedish article (english)

live blogging translated from (in english)

live microblogging translated from (in english)

twitter search: #spectrial (mixt languages) (english)

live translation in every hour (in english)

live audio stream (swedish)

schedule of the trial

more info about the trial here

stormtrooper, darth vader drive-by

the force is strong in these cars

source: neatorama

naked chicks

oooh yeah, naked chicks all the way, you pervert

half life 2 web fan series - escape from city 17

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neverending light game


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splatterhouse trailer

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sci fi channel - humans are among us ads

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saturday night live - christopher walken

indoor gardening tips from the man who's very scared of plants

christopher walken

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i can read movies

here are more book covers for movies by spacesick

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kings of power 4 billion % animation

this. is. weird. s***. download
must finish watching... aaaaah, bloody eyes!

made by paul robertson, he also made pirate baby's cabana battle street fight 2006

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flashy site

best site ever, it will burn your brain!

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angry gamer plays super mario brothers

we're gonna do this, you and me mario

that's a big fire stick!

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wanted: weapons of fate beyond-the-film

new york comic con 09 interview about the connection between the movie, the comic and the game

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starcraft 2 valentine's day wallpapers

all sizes and shapes here

similar reaction had a left 4 dead fan

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satires of juvenal quote

quis custodiet ipsos custodes?roman poet juvenal

who guards the guardians? - justice league unlimited tv series

who watches the watchmen? - watchmen comics


windows - i'm a pc, the rookies ads

here's another ad

windows and cute little girls

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1 - 5.07.2009, bestfest 2009

romexpo, bucuresti

ziua zero: 1 iulie
the killers, patrice
110 lei

3 day pass, 2-4 iulie: 270 lei

1-2 iulie
moby, motorhead
110 lei

2-3 iulie
orbital, franz ferdinand, the faint
110 lei

3-4 iulie
the ting tings
110 lei

aftershock: 5 iulie
manowar, holy hell
150, 100 lei

21.06.2009, placebo in romania

21 iunie 2009
romexpo, bucuresti
bilete: 175, 100 lei

tales of the black freighter trailer

vodafone - cum sa te combini

the taking of pelham 123 trailer

remake of this

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super capers trailer

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pepsi max - job interview super bowl ad

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16.02.2009 - follow the pirate bay trial #spectrial

there was a raid in may 2008, then hackers attacked the swedish police, there was an investigation, now there will be a trial

on 16.02.2009 follow the trial in any way you can:
live audiostreams
twitter in many languages, search for #spectrial
blogs and news reports

more information @how to help tpb

steal this film part 1 (watch it now):
internet piracy effect is an analogy of the vcr effect when was first introduced to the people
i think that the music we see on mtv and these music channels, that kind of music will disappear, and we will have music which is more for the listeners and not just for people to make money on it.a guy interviewed in steal this film part 1
i think that the law is gonna be rewritten as the technology insists that it is, is not a question of right or wrong

behind every great fortune hides a great crimerichard dreyfuss
when the winds of change are blowing some people are building shelters and some people are building windmills
steal this film part 2 (watch it no…

gigantic trailer

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oook: inglourious basterds trailer

that pretty sums it all up, it's going to hit hard and it's going to hit good

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angels and demons trailer

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roblogfest 2009


ragdoll cannon game


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1964, un american la bucuresti

si cateva poze din 1986

sursa (mai multe poze): blog.alexgalmeanu

flutter short movie

source: nfb

upload large and long videos on the internet

Image (small resolution 320x240) (150 mb max file size) - was probably the best, but it was shutdown because of copyright issues

asian websites:

check wikipedia: comparison of video services for more info

how to play fear 2 project origin, steam version

download the game
download latest steam versiondownload this pack of files
extract the disc images with winrar, poweriso into the same folder, replace files if asked
copy simpack.exe (from fear2pack.rar - in the same folder
create a new .txt file and copy:

ren "Project Origin_disk1.sim" ProjectOrigin_disk1.sim
ren "Project Origin_disk1.sis" ProjectOrigin_disk1.sis
ren "Project Origin_disk1_0.sid" ProjectOrigin_disk1_0.sid
ren "Project Origin_disk1_1.sid" ProjectOrigin_disk1_1.sid
ren "Project Origin_disk1_2.sid" ProjectOrigin_disk1_2.sid
ren "Project Origin_disk1_3.sid" ProjectOrigin_disk1_3.sid
ren "Project Origin_disk1_4.sid" ProjectOrigin_disk1_4.sid
ren "Project Origin_disk1_5.sid" ProjectOrigin_disk1_5.sid
ren "Project Origin_disk2.sim" ProjectOrigin_disk2.sim
ren "Project Origin_disk2.sis" ProjectOrigin_disk2.sis
ren "Project Origin_disk2_0.sid" ProjectOri…

nae yeojachingureul sogae habnida

aka windstruck is a mix of comedy, romance, action and drama, a cop girl and a professor fall in love and he helps her to solve some cases

it has the same writter as the original my sassy girl


special olympics quote

Arguing on the internet is like running in the Special Olympics. Even if you win, you're still retarded.the internet

oldschool futuristic photo


improv everywhere - 2000 high fives

source: urbanprankster

skills like these trailer

everyone wants to impress somebody


signs - short movie

ok, that was... wow, just wow

from schweppes short film festival


broken picture telephone

Broken Picture Telephone starts with some words to describe some sort of scenario, or scene. Something as beautiful as a Ninja fighting a pirate.
It's followed immediately with some attempt at drawing out the words. It doesn't have to be a Rembrandt, but do your best to draw what you've just read. Do not write words.
Quite obviously, the next round is played by describing what you see in the picture. This is done without seeing the original set of words.
And then another picture. Avoid making your ninja's look like astronauts...
The game goes on in this pattern. A user only takes part it a game of Broken Picture Telephone once.
No one is able to see the progression of the game, until the game is over. You will only ever see note from the previous round, which will either be a drawing or some words.
The last round of a game is it's eleventh round. 11, because this means it will end on words.
At the end of the game, everyone is notified that the game may be viewed. If you d…