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opera turns 15

Fifteen years ago, two computer scientists sat at their desks in a research lab in what is today Telenor, Norway’s telecommunications incumbent, itching to begin a new project. They were going to build their own Web browser. Those first keystrokes would become Opera, the browser that has set — and continues to set — the standard for browser innovation. Jon von Tetzchner, the CEO of Opera Software, and Geir Ivarsøy began coding the original desktop Web browser in April 1994. Today, about 40 million people use Opera on their Windows, Mac and Linux computers.
see the strip

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adam trailer

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doom + diablo = doom fall of mars

shinedown - devour

ekil steenberg's love tools demo - also high quality version

from a friend - i think it's a personal site, fun, fun, fun!


from a friend

paper heart trailer

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hand-drawn holograms

il divo trailer

my sister's keeper trailer

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the pirate bay trial verdict - guilty #spectrial

peter sunde, fredrik neij, gottfrid svartholm and carl lundström got 1 year in prison and have to pay 905.000 dollars each

they say there will be an appeal

source: torrentfreak

humor sites - funny dialogs between customers and employees from real life - simple told stories that make you say "f*** my life"

college humor - we didn't start the flame war

cheer up emo kid game demo

play - funniest game demo ever, with very nice soundtrack

white lies - farewell to the fairground

also listen "death"

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ween - transdermal celebration

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adrenaline lemmings


song: sepultura - ratamahatta

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evolution of the batman logo

batman beyond!

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stargate sg 1 - window of opportunity

source: io9 - check it out for other time loop stories

altitude trailer

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left 4 dead - left 4 speed

from a friend

augmented reality demo


they came from upstairs trailer

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moon trailer

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ergo proxy anime tv series trailer

23 episodes, looks interesting

wikipedia: ergo proxy

ten movies where the bad guys win

arlington road
one flew over the cuckoo’s nest
primal fear
rosemary’s baby
the empire strikes back
the usual suspects

on unreality

x-ray everyday!


left 4 dead - 100 witches

clone high tv series

exorbis and exorbis 2 games



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site-uri de donat si luat

primul peste care am dat, acum vreo 2-3 ani cred, a fost

apoi am auzit de grupul yahoo din bucuresti de freecycle, ideea de baza este "ce consideri gunoi pentru tine poate fi o comoara pentru altcineva", gunoi cu sensul de electronice, mobila, electrocasnice...

iar de curand, o luna-doua, a aparut un blog ro care face legatura intre persoanele care doneaza si cele care primesc:

jim's big ego - the ballad of barry allen

the unfinished swan gameplay

an under development game, very nice

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meet meline short movie trailer

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twouble with twitters

i like the broken hand blood sound

more at

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