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image: x-men universe relationship map

full version source: io9

internet: something's fishy about the pirate bay being sold #spectrial

"all our share are belong to you" what everybody thinks: the pirate bay was sold to global gaming factory x and it will become a legal tracker with pay to download stuff wrong! this is actually the evolution of the pirate bay, the safety net of their plan, wich all began in 2006 - "TPB changed hands in 2006 already to not be sued.": From Twitter (Translated) Daniel Goldberg: @ brokep Is this correct? Peter S Kolmisoppi: @ danielg0ldberg Yes. Daniel Goldberg: @ brokep What a thing! Who gets the money? Who owns the TPB? Peter S Kolmisoppi: @ danielg0ldberg Foreign company, with demands from our side to finance a fund for internet projects. We get no money. Daniel Goldberg: @ brokep Cool. What do you mean internet project? Will you not have to use the money to cover the damages? Peter S Kolmisoppi: @ danielg0ldberg Internet Project in the form of political activism, etc. TPB changed hands in 2006 already to not be sued.

game: metalix tower defense

annoying sounds but it's a tower defense with changeable path :) play source: cnet

software: the audio service is not running in windows vista/7

the audio service is not running - this is what you get when you move the mouse over the sound icon in system tray the problem ocurred after i stoped a few services that i thought i didn't need in my windows 7 i had: windows audio and windows audio endpoint builder with startup type as automatic these services did not start, even after i clicked the start button i discovered that this happened because i stoped the power service to start the power service go to: start - run type services.msc click ok double click power service set startup type: automatic click on the start button then just start both windows audio and windows audio endpoint builder or restart the pc

image: glastonbury 2009

more beautiful images The Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts, commonly abbreviated to Glastonbury or Glasto, is the largest greenfield music and performing arts festival in the world. The festival is best known for its contemporary music, but also features dance, comedy, theatre, circus, cabaret and many other arts. For 2005, the enclosed area of the festival was over 900 acres (3.6 km²), had over 385 live performances and was attended by around 150,000 people. In 2007, over 700 acts played on over 80 stages and the capacity expanded by 20,000 to 177,000. glastonbury festival 2009

review: 2009.06.28 - limb bizkit live - bucharest, romania

more images: metalhead bestmusic flickr search chunk 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 the setlist best concert i have been to, a plus were the rain and the lightnings, as you can see in the videos

video: bowling for columbine - a brief history of usa

bowling for columbine source: smokingcoolcat

video: stan lee cameos in marvel movies

stan lee (the co-creator of many marvel characters, like iron man, spider-man, hulk and x-men) has cameos in all the movies that starred his creations source: io9

image: moodmaker signs in metro of london

more: makemymood

video: googling with bing

movie trailer: forbidden reality

too bad i don't know russian source: firstshowing

movie trailer: spread

source: unrealitymag

image: which student are you?

much more source:

movie trailer: the invention of lying

source: firstshowing

video: battlefield heroes fun

another clan video more at bfheroes's channel my god, i have so much fun with this game, now it seems it doesn't need beta keys anymore, just go to and rememeber, roadblock first#!!!!1111

movie trailer: daybreakers

finally, someone thought about it, crossed the line, vampires rule, humans are hunted a little placebo at the end song: placebo - running up that hill source: firstshowing

software: how to hide users in windows xp/vista/7 from welcome/logon screen

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\SpecialAccounts\UserList] " changehere "=dword:00000000 vista and 7 lack of SpecialAccounts\UserList branch replace changehere with the username you want to hide, but if you copy the text from above, paste it in a .txt file, rename the extension .reg and execute it, it will be created automatically, change the last number to 0 = hide or 1 = show also you can navigate manually through start - run - regedit to Winlogon and then create SpecialAccounts\UserList branch it will not hide the user from safe mode welcome screen

music video: puff daddy feat. jimmy page - come with me

godzillaaa! gojira! gojira!

video: pixel city - procedurally generated city

more info

software: how to disable java auto update and quick starter

if you don't want to have software lurking around in the background: control panel - java - update uncheck "check for updates automatically" choose never check ok java quick starter is a service that makes a cache to start java applications faster, if you don't use that much java, you can disable it: start - run - services.msc - ok (or go to control panel - administrative tools - services) - java quick starter - right click - properties set startup type to manual click stop ok

video: damien walters - parkour

source: todaysbigthing

image: realistic wood sculptures by heather jansch

more source: haha

michael jackson passes away at 50

videos: billie jean beat it thriller top 9 music videos (eonline) learn to moonwalk wikipedia (news and info about his death)

video: hammer dance flash mob

source: todaysbigthing

video: trick shot mastery

source: todaysbigthing

movie trailer: the box

source: firstshowing

music video: ladytron - runaway

image: tilt-shift - novosibirsk, russia

more: englishrussia

video: russian crowd from the sky - spasibo (thank you)

source: englishrussia

video: russian roof jumping

fun part starts at 4:00 source: englishrussia

image: not funny cartoons - holy crap

Image source: makemymood

image: nighthawks - anteater

collection of modified nighthawks: the original by edward hopper

internet: translate pages with google directly from your bookmarks

add this english bookmarklet in your bookmarks to translate a page (just click on the bookmarklet) or a text in a page (select text and click) i've modified it to auto detect the translated language (just added &sl=auto in 2 places in the script) to have it translated in other languages change &langpair=auto| en to fr, de, la... the original bookmarklet translated from what i think is the location language and then the user had to click translate again, at least that happened to me bookmarklets list from google translate

movie trailer: the last airbender teaser

source: firstshowing

movie trailer: ponyo

source: firstshowing

movie trailer: inglourious basterds second trailer

source: firstshowing

movie trailer: g.i. joe final trailer

source: io9

game trailer: necessary force cinematic

game trailer: backbreaker gameplay footage

image: boyfriend criteria

source: ffffound

video: hey!

source: unrealitymag

video: transformers 2 revenge of the fallen viral videos

scooter: rc plane reporter birthday source: io9

music video: eminem - guilty conscience

remember, anyone?

video: what is that?

source: razainnovation

image: zurich chamber orchestra ads

source and 2 more: fubiz

video: touchwall demo

source: fubiz

game trailer: the beatles rockband cinematic intro source: formfiftyfive

image: chris jordan's art

chris jordan source: formfiftyfive

image: maxwell house - morning alarm ad

source: fanthefiremagazine

image: mathieu beaulieu blog

more source: designyoutrust

video: man gets run-iver by his own car

that wasn't too smart

image: yd84 - in the car


image: the new mozilla firefox logo

old: new: source: lifehacker

movie trailer: cold souls

source: firstshowing

movie trailer: zombieland

second song: van halen - everybody wants some source: firstshowing

youtube url tricks

change the url: add #t=XXmYYs at the end of the url to start at XX minutes and YY seconds, example : #t=03m22s add nsfw to bypass age restriction: http://www. nsfw change the embedded code: add &start=30 to skip 30 seconds in the video disable annotations by adding &iv_load_policy=3 <object width="560" height="340"><param name="movie" value=" add here "></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src=" and here " type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="560"

17-21.06.2009 - bookfest 2009

17-21 iunie romexpo, pavilioanele 13-17 intrare libera

movie trailer: 2012 full trailer, must see

source: filmonic

video: layar, worlds first mobile augmented reality browser

source: lifehacker

video: start a fire with a cellphone battery

source: lifehacker

site: rss feed for your favourite tv show torrents


site: track your favorite bands, albums

Image - rss feed album alerts source: makeuseof

site: webnote - simple fast notes on the internet

Webnote is a tool for taking notes on your computer. It allows you to quickly write something down during a meeting, class, or any other time that you have a web browser available. found another one: - can hyperlink and ad image url, it's saved automatically

video: replace a 50 watt light bulb with a 2-liter bottle

source: lifehacker

image: stunning business cards

72 stunning business cards source: lifehacker

software: fast and simple image viewers

can open large images fast no user interface, just right click (first impression) oh, yeah, you can resize all of your images to a pixel size vjpeg first impression source: lifehacker

video: arhrrrr - an augmented reality shooter

arhrrrr at augmented environments labs source: Enter URL:

video: how to fuse plastic bags into a laptop case

source: metropotam

video: what is a browser?

it seems a browser is a search engine wikipedia says otherwise source: googlesystem

software: the story behind google chrome

chromium on google code

software: opera unite

share files, photos, play music, chat, directly from your pc over the internet, just keep your opera browser opened the profile adress will be: and so on... download opera unite

video: improveverywhere - the mp3 experiment six

source: improveverywhere

video: rope jumping source: random-good-stuff

image: good magazine's infographics on flickr

the set is right here , each image has the link to the large version under it source: flowingdata

image: star trek enterprise bridge 360 panorama

here it is flowingdata

image: path of trees

source: ffffound

movie trailer: whiteout

source: firstshowing

transformers 2 augmented reality promo

get your robot head at source: firstshowing

blogoscoped tested google wave

part 2 part 3 source: blogoscoped

linkin park - new devide

from transformers: revenge of the fallen soundtrack

the cove documentary trailer

dolphin slaughtering from a coast of japan exposed source: firstshowing

movie quotes translated in japanese and back with google

"Kidd is here, I’m watching" - Casablanca "I will be in need of a big ship." - Jaws "I denied him that he is not going to provide." -The Godfather "yipe emphasis on form - Yay, motherfucker." - Die Hard "And you, and cheese, or hit district of Paris called?" - Pulp Fiction "May you please force." - Star Wars "Sisters, do not fight in here! This is the War Room." - Dr. Strangelove "Honestly, my dear, I do not care" - Gone With the Wind "I am in Kansas is like no other." - The Wizard of Oz "It means you can not say I’m sorry love." - Love Story "And she always has to live like a box of chocolates. You’re going to make anything that is not known." - Forrest Gump "One has to ask themselves two questions: ’I feel lucky?’ Well, what ya punk?" - Dirty Harry "HASUTARABISUTA, baby" - Terminator source: blogoscoped

formatie deathcore/grindcore cauta basist

influente din job for a cowboy, all shall perish, despised icon, annotation of an autopsy au sala (in zona timpuri noi, gratis) si echipament cauta basist trebuie sa aibe chitara bass (cu sau fara amplificator) id ym: averac_hardcore tel: 0731.897.355

training police dog

that's a dog, a police dog sir! click here to see .gif moving

apple store downloads tracker wall

source: techcrunch

does god exist ad

that's a nice ad, but i don't agree with religion, we should be scared that the religious people have so much money that they can hire a smart person to create this ad also you can replace evil with good and vice versa in the ad and get another outcome, that god is evil but he is good too, it's all about the perspective also i believe there is something that knows things before they happen but i don't agree with the fact that i must pray all my life to an imaginary creator, i prefer to live my life, not to please other supreme beings it's part of the nature to believe and not to believe in something, species to extinct, wars to be fought, planets to become dust, icebergs to melt, to prevent species extinction, although it seems that religion disappears as time passes so i believe it's just a phase of mankind, a teenager of thousands of years other beings in the univers will laugh at us because we believe in god, don't forget, the universe is infini

wet game trailer

source: shacknews

brutal legend trailer

source: shacknews

short: xbox live - the clan

source: theawesomer

short: carousel by adam berg

source: theawesomer

missile sile, perfect for a hacker camp location

flickr set 1 and set 2 source: theawesomer

augmented reality t-shirt

source: theawesomer

subprime by beeple

source: theawesomer

death star vs. enterpriese

source: theawesomer

animation: reach

source: theawesomer

team fortress 2 - every class is different

source: theawesomer

jimmy fallon playing with project natal

source: theawesomer

killzone 2 - anatomy of a nuke

source: theawesomer

little wheel game

play source: theawesomer

condemned 2 - that's a big bear!

source: unrealitymag

the clock clock

by humans since 1982 source: fubiz

what goes around comes around

source and more: fubiz

erik johansson

more source: fubiz

slashthree art packs

more source: designyoutrust

salt art by motoi yamamoto

more source: designyoutrust

3D mural painting by john pugh

source: designyoutrust

golf gti project game

play source: designyoutrust

beyond architecture - we love to build

from beyond architecture source: fubiz

peter lippmann

more at source: designyoutrust

scrabble - hula ad

source: designyoutrust

youtube video website by boone oakley

source: designyoutrust

pixar short: partly cloudy

source: fubiz

google chrome - interactive reaction 2009 by imaginary forces source: designyoutrust

shutter island trailer

source: iwatchstuff

time traveler's wife trailer

source: firstshowing

13.06.2009 - mineriada de catifea

sambata, 13 iunie 2009 15:00 aduci perna, te bati 5 minute si pleci sursa: invita

remove yahoo messenger ads - tested

fixed exe for yahoo messenger replace X:\Program Files\Yahoo!\Messenger\YahooMessenger.exe with the one from the arhive to find a fixed exe for older versions of yahoo messenger go to dave's 4shared virtual drive

the final destination trailer

source: firstshowing

bandslam trailer

make the girl dance - baby baby baby

mr. nobody trailer

source: firstshowing

the storm warriors trailer

source: firstshowing

the prefect getaway trailer

song: nine inch nails - the wretched source: firstshowing

e3 2009 - microsoft's motion camera

aka project natal source: rlslog

interstellar marines teaser

e3 2009 trailers

call of duty: modern warfare 2 gameplay - cod ftw! fallout 3: point lookout dlc trailer rogue warrior cgi trailer prototype launch trailer splinter cell: conviction gameplay - can't wait for this one dragon age: origins trailer wolfenstein trailer - and this one mass effect 2 trailer all points bulletin trailer the saboteur gameplay alan wake gameplay - this one looks great singularity trailer star wars the old republic cgi trailer - better than the movies, maybe, and a girl-a-fett borderlands trailer call of juarez: bound in blood trailer mini ninja gameplay aliens vs predator gameplay