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[music video] ill bill - war is my destiny

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[image] smoking timeline


la pedale - bike-sharing gratuit in parcurile kiseleff si bazilescu

poti inchiria bicicleta doar cu buletinul
parcurile kiseleff si bazilescu
orar: l-v:12:00-20:00, s-d:10:00-20:00Pentru prima oara in istoria orasului lor, mersul pe bicicleta este gratuit pentru bucuresteni! „La Pedale” – este primul sistem gratuit de bike-sharing din Romania organizat de Asociatia Green Revolution si Primaria Sectorul 1. Programul „La Pedale” pune la dispozitia publicului de toate varstele 150 de biciclete verzi, in parcurile Kiseleff si

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[tv series trailer] bored to death

[image] playgrounds from above

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[image] timeline of fictional time travel

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[image] star wars action figures displays


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[movie trailer] extract

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[movie trailer] 2012 (japanese version)


[image] arnold schwarzenegger's office

that's conan's mighty sword

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[tv series trailer] flash forward

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[video] 100 years of special effects

1900 - the enchanted drawing
1903 - the great train robbery
1923 - the ten commandments (silent)
1927 - sunrise
1933 - king kong
1939 - the wizard of oz
1940 - the thief of bagdad
1954 - 20,000 leagues under the sea
1956 - forbidden planet
1963 - jason and the argonauts
1964 - mary poppins
1977 - star wars
1982 - tron
1985 - back to the future
1988 - who framed roger rabbit
1989 - the abyss
1991 - terminator 2: judgement day
1992 - the young indiana jones chronicles
1993 - jurassic park
2004 - spider-man 2
2005 - king kong
2006 - pirates of the caribbean: dead man's chest
2007 - pirates of the caribbean: at world's end
2007 - the golden compass
2008 - the spiderwick chronicles
2008 - the curious case of benjamin button

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[movie trailer] the men who stare at goats

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[video] wrist mounted flame throwers

aka pyro system 2.2

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[movie trailer] avatar teaser

[movie trailer] inception teaser

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[video] starcraft 2 map editor

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[music] scottish music bagpipes lost song

[image] disney dark princesses

other twisted sisters of disney (alice, mulan, nala, jane, pocohantas, aurora, cinderella, jasmine, snow white, ariel, belle)

[video] damien walters - incredible gymnast/martial arts guy

[movie trailer] youth in revolt

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[image] avatar vs. delgo comparison


[video] the longest way

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[game trailer] shadow planet

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[movie trailer] the wolf man

[software] windows xp/vista/7 + office 2007 with speech recognition

office 2007 doesn't include in its package voice recognition like office 2003 because now it's included in windows vista/7 and everyone expects everybody to update to windows 7

but what to do if you've got windows xp and you want to have office 2007 with speech recognition?

windows xp + office 2003 + office 2007 = windows xp with office 2007 with speech recognitioninstall xpinstall office 2007install office 2003when installing office 2003 choose custom installselect advanced customization of applications - office tools - language settings toolactivate the language bar: right click on the taskbar - toolbars - language barright click in the language bar - additional icons on the language barwindows vista/7 + office 2007 = windows vista/7 with office 2007 with speech recognitioninstall vista/7install office 2007go to control panel - speech recognition - start speech recognitionto activate the speech recogniton talk loud and clear in the microphone when asked, you have to pass…

[image] boobs and explosions

Image - click away boys... and girls

[video] iron man 2 comic con 2009 footage

download the bootleg footage

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[software] zombie infection simulation


[image] your hardware exposed


[image] welcome to our ool

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[video] girl forgets that her boyfriend is in vacation

[movie trailer] trick 'r treat

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[must watch movie trailer] law abiding citizen

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[movie trailer] astro boy

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[movie trailer] the forth kind

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[must watch movie trailer] legion

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music video: moby - whispering wind

unofficial video, but well done

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movie trailer: the imaginarium of doctor parnassus

heath ledger's last film, it wasn't finished when he died so the character was replaced by 3 actors: johnny depp, colin farrell and jude law

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software: new versions

antivir personal
ccleaner 2.22.968
firefox 3.5.2
flash player (ie)
flash player (non-ie)
java runtime environment
k-lite mega codec pack 5.05
mydefrag 4.1.2
superantispyware 4.27.1002
utorrent 1.8.3 build 16010

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image: useful computer hardware chart

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video: giant water slide in a tiny pool

that was f***** up

movie trailer: cirque du freak: the vampire's assistant

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movie trailer: zombieland (red band/restricted)

i hope they'll do a great game after this movie

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movie trailer: the lovely bones

it looks like a thriller for kids

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video: kick-ass comic con clips

hit girl can kick some ass, i was waiting for some footage of this movie for some time

clip 1
clip 2
clip 3

kick ass comic on wikipedia

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video: kate micucci and william h. macy - it's time to get laid

viral video to bart got a room