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[image] chess set by mr. jack

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[video] what facebook is for

[internet] partidul piratilor din romania

aka pirate party romania Pentru a înfiinţa acest partid avem nevoie de 25000 de semnături de susţinere din cel puţin 17 judeţe ale ţării. Nu putem înfiinţa acest partid fără aceste semnături, şi deci, fără acestea nu putem participa nici la alegeri parlamentare, nici la cele locale şi nici la cele europarlamentare. despre semnaturi alte informatii: despre pirate party si pirate party in the world

[image] blood of the lamb

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[video] darth mc hammer

[video] at&t predicts the future in 1993

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[video] dr. horrible emmy broadcast

[internet] google map maker

bucharest time lapse in google map maker: google map maker souce: metropotam

[software] picasa 3.5 has face recognition

download picasa source: googlesystem

[internet] google fast flip

Google Fast Flip is a web application that lets users discover and share news articles. It combines qualities of print and the Web, with the ability to "flip" through pages online as quickly as flipping through a magazine. It also enables users to follow friends and topics, discover new content and create their own custom magazines around searches. google fast flip

[video] coolest guy in the world

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[video] college humor - first

[video] zombies and cigarettes

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[movie trailer] paranormal activity

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[image] if lottery tickets told the truth

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[video] megan fox gets bagged by national lampoon

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[video] samsung - a guide to taking better pictures

[video] half life 2: all sounds replaced with my voice

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[video] transformers: metroplex and trypticon

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[movie trailer] harry brown

michael caine being a badass source: firstshowing

[video] the marshmallow test

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[video] the carphone warehouse - history of comunication

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[movie trailer] percy jackson & the olympians

[video] ninja flashmob

[music video] lilly allen - fuck you

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[video] audi - a4 2.0 tdi intelligently combined

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[video] saab - change perspective

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[movie trailer] solomon kane

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[image] three frames of a movie

Image source: geekologie

[tv series] derren brown - the events

must see both: derren brown source: fanthefireblog

[game trailer] the secret world

another trailer source: theawesomer

[video] eat real, eat local

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[video] trichrome blue

[image] wii anatomy

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[video] taking off - how to smoke a joint

taking off source: yayeveryday

[video] your business card is crap

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[video] chris pfeiffer rides bmw tower

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[movie trailer] black lightning teaser

from timur bekmambetov director of wanted, night watch, day watch and producer of 9 source: io9

[software] google chrome cookies problem workaround

chrome, by its own, stops using cached cookies and it doesn't save them anymore this happend to me when i used version i found a workaround, but it deletes all the cookies: close chrome delete this file X:\Documents and Settings\[YOUR USER NAME]\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Cookies if it doesn't work, try: uninstall chrome do not delete personal data delete this file X:\Documents and Settings\[YOUR USER NAME]\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Cookies install chrome

[internet] one day, one chick, five categories


[internet] - anysize file hosting for 24 hours

Image is an easy way to quickly share any file, anywhere, with anyone. Never worry about email attachment limits or FTP to quickly send large files to colleagues, friends and family. source: downloadsquad

[software] patchmatch - structural image editing

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[video] country clean up in one day - estonia - let's do it

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[video] michael jackson flash mob tribute in bucharest

other angle second third

[video] high speed robot hand

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[image] pencils grading and classification

wikipedia: pencil

[video] artificial paradise

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[quotes] the dark knight

FOX What can I do for you, Mr. Reese? REESE You wanted me to do the diligence on the L.S.I. Holdings deal, again. Well, I found some irregularities. FOX Their CEO is in police custody. REESE No, not with their numbers. With yours. Applied sciences, a whole division of Wayne Enterprise just disappeared, overnight. I went down to the archives and I started pulling some old files. Don't tell me you didn't recognize your baby out there, pancaking cop cars on the evening news. Now you've got the entire R and D department burning through cash, claiming it's related to cell phones for the army? What are you building for him now? A rocket ship? I want ten million dollars, a year, for the rest of my life. FOX Let me get this straight. You think that your client, one of the wealthiest and most powerful men in the world, is secretly a vigilante who spends his nights beating criminals to a pulp with his bare hands... and now your plan is to blackmail this person? Good

[video] aids - mass murderer

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[image] stickgirl comics

stickgirl and her adventures from 2005 till 2009, must see them all

[video] 5 robbers, 31 seconds, 23 macbook pro laptops, 14 iphones and 9 ipod touch handhelds

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[image] cerca - afraid of the dark (pedophilia)


[game trailer] all points bulletin character creation system

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[movie trailer] boondock saints 2: all saints day

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[video] bbc one, walk on the wild side - funny talking animals

night time! day time! night time! day time! allan! allan! allan! steve! more source: makemymood

[image] religion like modern movie industry

so true

[video] hook - telematics city

song: animal collective - did you see the words made by

[events] metrou bucuresti, zoom tv si bsod

eram in statie, asteptam metroul si trag un ochi pe televizoare, vad blue screen of death (bsod) ma uit mai atent, apare scris ca si cum cineva ar tasta ceva asemanator cu "daca vrei sa traiesti intra pe " mai sta cateva secunde apoi dispare si revine programul ca si cum ar fi fost intrerupt prima oara am crezut ca cineva face reclama ilegala, apoi mi-am adus aminte de harta verde despre care am mai scris oricum interesanta si bine realizata reclama, mai vrem asa!