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[video] igo - vampire power

source: feeder

[video] football hero - kasabian - underdog

source: feeder

[video] zaman newspaper - prejudices

Our prejudices... Our invisible walls. Isn't it time to demolish them?source: adsoftheworld

[video] geraldine

made by arthur depins
check his site for other great art and watch this too

[video] halloween math

[image] the new generation of smartphones


[video] lego foosball

[image] zombie patient with baby

creepy halloween costume, but interesting ideea

[image] the beatles - hey jude

lyrics here and song here

[music video] the beatles - maxwell's silver hammer

[video] bat prank

[movie trailer] green zone

source: filmonic

[video] training

by wujoco

source: pixelelement

[image] resemblance anyone?

otv on the left, romanian sucky tv channel
the dark knight poster on the right

[image] some people

by luke pearson

full image here

[videp] waterlollies

[video] las vegas elevator compilation

[internet] twitcritics - movie reviews from twitter


26.10-01.11.2009 studentiada

de luni 26 octombrie pana duminica, 1 noiembrie 2009

in 11 orase:

program si alte informatii:

[video] extract iron from cereals

[video] how to say ea sports

by andrew anthony

[image] every space mission from last 50 years

full image here

[video] rez - the core


To start of. I am a huge SEGA fan. In particular of the dreamcast. One of the many gems on the dreamcast was REZ and because there wasn't much fan made stuff on this game on the internet, i started making my own trailer based on the REZ universe.

The story on this trailer is about humanity trying to hack into creation itself.
We try to unravel the great mystery of life itself all the time. We are creations on our own and
we try to expand our lifecycle in many different ways and try to know the human itself.

This trailer is about us trying to hack into our own dna creation systems.
We create and develop many great tools, but what is inside our cells and
how people can have dreams and develop creation is still a mystery.

This small story is about the " Core ". The core is the main program that develops
our dreams. Its the god of our inner self. While humanity is trying to hack this program,
the program resists and tries to regenerate in different way's while sho…

[image] jhator = sky burial

61 more images - with stories

tibetan practice: sky burial

[game trailer] left 4 dead 2

source: unrealitymag

[video] 10/gui - con10uum

[music video] abe school - wail to god

source: /

[image] prayer

how to do nothing and still think you're helping

[image] the closer you get


[image] heavy metal satan fingers

by jon "bean" hastings

[video] every kramer entrance from seinfeld

source: unrealitymag

[image] a flow chart to determine what religion you shold follow


[image] old video game style wedding invitation

luis diaz santis vs. magaly guerrero ramirez

[video] man in the box - facebook abuse

[video] almost killed by a bus

how lucky can someone be? very.

[image] problem solved


[video] lego pop up book

[video] i love xkcd

made by and based on

[image] chart with missions to mars

source: io9

[movie trailer] second trailer of the wolfman

song: marilyn manson - if i was your vampire

source: filmonic

[video] the history of ken silverman's build engine

how duke nukem 3d, blood, shadow warrior and redneck rampage began

[video] samsung flexible oled

[video] droid does ad

[movie trailer] black lightning

source: io9

[video] left 4 dead mods - barricade builder

there are more, including naked zoey mode: unrealitymag

[movie trailer] edge of darkness

mel gibson is back!

source: unrealitymag

[video] chinese people being funny in slow motion

[video] google wave - pulp fiction

good will hunting aswell

source: feeder

[video] cisco - the future of shopping

[video] chatrapathi fight scene

[video] led pocketwatch

looks so future-like, very nice

[video] cloud ring over moscow

[video] time warp - skateboard

[video] michael moschen performs the triangle

juggling? probably music, dancing :)

source: darkroastedblend

[video] avalanche burial and rescue filmed with helmet cam

source: feeder

[video] star trek the future begins gag reel

source: io9

[movie trailer] assault girls

source: io9

[image] the pirate bay's new home - the cyberbunker

aka "Nobody puts The Pirate Bay in a corner"

cyberbunker homepage

read more: torrentfreak

[internet] minimalistic google

want this?

then do this!

you must be on to work, change in code with other google pages (like .fr, .pl)

if it doesn't work, go to

if you want to revert to the normal google homepage, delete cookies in your browser

[movie trailer] bad robot

source: io9

[video] canal+ - the closet

[software] hack nokia e51 300.34.56 with helloox 1.03 - tested

sign hellooxinstall helloox on the phonestart hellooxdelete hellooxinstall any supported applicationwhat does helloox do?
almost the same as any other tutorial but within one click, more info here

why is this easier?
instead of signing every unsigned application, you can install any applications, signed and unsigned, after signing just one application (helloox)

what you'll need:
nokia e51firmware version: 300.34.56 - type in phone *#0000# phone's imei - type in phone *#06# accounthelloox 1.03 unsigned update: helloox and helloox2 (not tested) creating and using an imobile account:go to
click on the signup link complete the form with:
1 = username
2 = email
3 = password
4 = password
5 = verification code click on the log in link log in with:
1 = username
2 = password
3 = verification code click on the 3rd tab (request a certificate) enter your imei twice
click on the left green button you'll get this message which says when you ca…

[video] giant leap

[image] dead flies art

more and source: acidcow

[internet] paste web tools

[image] google celebrates the barcode

decode the barcode using, but it's kind of obvious what will be the outcome

wikipedia: barcode

source and more: googlesystem

[image] timeline of web browsers

i was surprised to find out that the oldest, functional, top 5 browsers is opera

from wikipedia

[event] 31.10.2009 - end of the world party 2

palatul universul, bucuresti
sambata, 31.10.2009

[image] test cheaters


[game trailer] modern warfare 2 - infamy

source: unrealitymag

[movie trailer] the messenger

source: firstshowing

[music video] die bordkapelle - alle, die mit uns den bundestag entern

based on a dutch song, this punk-rock version was made for the german pirate party election campain

[software] how to get rid of opera 10 .torrent download dialog

you get this download dialog and you want to use system default (probably utorrent), and check "remember choise and do not show dialog again" option, but the option is grayed out, disabled

the solution:
go to tools - preferencesadvanced tabdownloads sectionin quick search type torrentuncheck "hide file types opened with opera"select torrent from the listclick editchoose "open with default application" (probably utorrent or other)click ok, okthen, and this is the important part, in the address bar type opera:configgo to bittorrent sectionuncheck enabledclick save

[video] black eyed peas - i gotta feeling live chicago september 2009


[software] how to install yahoo multi messenger - tested

download and install yahoo messenger Y! Multi Messenger 8.x and 9.xpaste the files in c:\program files\yahoo!\messengeropen Y!Multi Messenger.exepress enable ymultinow everytime you open yahoo messenger, a new main window will appear

[movie trailer] 5 minutes of 2012

awesome!!! some good cgi put to use!

source: filmonic

[game] lose/lose deletes files when you play it

[video] monkey island 2 in 3d using cryengine

source: geekologie

[image] batman for gaza


[internet] .torrent tools

utorrent - bittorrent client
bitlet - web based bittorrent client

tor - anonymous online software - torrent storage

torrent editor - convert torrent into a png image

anonymous tracker:
open bittorrent
public bittorrent
the hidden tracker

torrent search engine:
torrent finder

[software] program renders the old city of dubrovnik from photographs

more info

source: io9

[movie trailer] the crazies

[image] 25 awesome futuristic motorcycles