[internet] hardcore nerd courtship ritual

[massacre] Rosti, can I ask you something as a close friend?
[rosti_lfc] you could ask me something as a complete stranger, but go ahead
[massacre] Do you reckon Emma would go out with me if I asked her?
[rosti_lfc] errr....
[rosti_lfc] ask her yourself?
[massacre] no fucking way until I get a second opinion
[daz] dude she's in the channel
[massacre] no she isn't
[rosti_lfc] yeah she is mate, look up
[rosti_lfc] she got op'd yesterday
[massacre] fuck
[massacre] PLAN B
[massacre] spam the channel
[massacre] with text
[massacre] so it goes
[audia] hi
[massacre] off her scrollback
[rosti_lfc] ahaha
[massacre] FUCK
* massacre has quit (PLAN C!!!)
[audia] I'm going to go install Windows 7 right now
[audia] so I'll be offline for a bit
[audia] if he gets the balls to come back in here in the meantime tell him the answer is yes
[rosti_lfc] rofl
* Audia has quit (QUIT)
[rosti_lfc] that was some hardcore nerd courtship ritual right there
[daz] Oh man, I wish I could fuck up asking a girl out that badly and still succeed

source: bash

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