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[software] new versions

[music video] college humor - galactic empire state of mind

inspired by this

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[movie trailer] the expendables

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[image] constants of physics and mathematics


[video] chatroulette: dance or gtfo

[video] crop circles 2009-2010

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[image] 25 rare celebrities photos

that's john travolta

the rest

[image] browser comparison in ways of transport form

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[video] frame by frame - scott pilgrim vs. the world

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[image] international realities

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[video] prince of persia: the forgotten sands interview

[music video] lazyboy - underwear goes inside the pants

before judging, sit back and watch until the end... of the WORLD!

[software] new versions

[music video] air - sing sang sung

[games] magic cube 5d

[movie trailer] the sorcerer's apprentice (second trailer)

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[internet] wikileaks

Wikileaks (officially WikiLeaks) is a website that publishes anonymous submissions and leaks of sensitive governmental, corporate, organizational, or religious documents, while attempting to preserve the anonymity and untraceability of its contributors. Within one year of its December 2006 launch, its database had grown to more than 1.2 million documents.[

wikipedia: wikileaks

[video] inglourious basterds - clapper


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[movie trailer] scott pilgrim vs. the world (teaser)

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[internet] anti-counterfeit trade agreement (acta)

summary:On March 23rd 2010, the entire "January 18th 2010 consolidated text" of ACTA was leaked.

It provides for criminalization of copyright infringement, granting law enforcement the powers to perform criminal investigation, arrests and pursue criminal citations or prosecution of suspects who MAY have infringed on copyright.

Potential border searches are covered by the "Border Measures" proposal of ACTA. As of February 2009 and according to University of Ottawa law professor Michael Geist there is significant disagreement among countries on this topic: "Some countries are seeking the minimum rules, the removal of certain clauses, and a specific provision to put to rest fears of iPod searching customs officials by excluding personal baggage that contains goods of a non-commercial nature. The U.S. is pushing for broad provisions that cover import, export, and in-transit shipments."acta torrent
wikipedia: acta agreement

i've got a feeling of "reme…

[software] new versions

[video] just cause 2 - the island and the hatch from lost

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[movie trailer] the last airbender (second trailer)

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[movie trailer] despicable me

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[video] modern warfare 2 level challenge: soldier vs. gamer

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[software] new versions

[software] new versions

[video] nature by numbers

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[video] ibm - data anthem

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[software] latest (covering 3 weeks)

DC++ 0.761 Beta
Google Chrome 5.0.356.2 Beta
K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 5.83
MyDefrag 4.2.9
Notepad++ 5.6.8
NVIDIA Forceware 197.13 Vista 64 (check lower side of the page for other windows versions)
Opera 10.50 - to disable windows 7 aero peek:type opera:config in the address bartype windows 7 in the search boxdeselect use windows 7 taskbar thumbnailspress saverestart operaUnlocker 1.8.9
uTorrent 2.0 Build 18620
XnView 1.97.2
Yahoo! Messenger

[software] google chrome beta and windows 7 aero peek

at the moment, the latest google chrome beta version 5.0.356.2 beta supports windows 7 taskbar feature: aero peek

being a new feature it doesn't have an on/off switch so here's a workaround:
right click on the google chrome shortcutpropertiescompatibility tabselect run this program in compatibility mode forselect windows vista (service pack 2)click okrestart google chrome

[website] comparison of notable file hosting services


[video] consequence

[game trailer] project offset (cinematic)

[music video] mumford & sons - the cave

[video] hercules the action game


[video] chinese girl freaking the hell out people

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[movie trailer] les aventures extraordinaires d'adèle blanc-sec

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[game trailer] brink (cinematic)

[movie trailer] tron 2: legacy

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[music] zager and evans - in the year 2525

[movie trailer] iron man 2 (trailer 2)

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[game] phage wars


[video] the boys and girls lego table

[video] all together now

[video] ted's birthday

[image] buzz lightyear in real life

the character from toy story made by raoni nery

[video] robometal test

[video] the world's biggest sign post

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[music video] ok go - this too shall pass

[movie trailer] after life

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[video] good - internet porn

[music video] gorillaz - stylo (feat. mos def & bobby womack)

gorillaz's new music video and yes, that is bruce willis

[video] counter strike - de dust2

[video] a brief history of pretty much everything

[video]best of chatroulette

if you turn your head, i win