[image] autopia europia, istanbul

Autopia and Numbers

With 216,000 m2, it is the world’s biggest auto-mall.
5 stories - two of which are underground.
Each level is 30,000 m2.
Each floor is 6m in height.
1st-hand and 2nd-hand autos are sold together.
56 food & drink shops, cafés & restaurants.
48 private car service stations.
24 banks.
ATM’s at 12 points.
42 insurance companies.
74 trading companies.
Car park with a 900 car capacity.
6 Million visitors a year are expected.
7 kms of walkable space.
One can reach every location with his car.
There is a test drive track on the roof.
200 auto-galleries , 443 brands and 2526 types of cars are waiting for its customers.
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source: presurfer

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