[software] how to export frames as images from video files with virtualdub

  1. download and extract latest version of virtualdub 32-bit
  2. open virtualdub
  3. go to file - open video file
  4. choose your video file (avi files are supported, but mp4 must be converted, you can also use plugins/filters to open other files into virtualdub)
  5. after the video file has loaded, go to file - export - image sequence
      the image output filter window will appear
    1. type a name for the files before the number (you don't really have to modified it)
    2. type a suffix for the filename (you don't really have to modified it)
    3. type how many digits the number can have (for example, if the last frame is 1713097, you could type 7)
    4. choose the directory to save the images
    5. choose the output format, for example jpeg, and slide the bar to 100 (if you want highest quality for the images)
    6. press ok
      the virtualdub status window will appear
    1. at processing thread priority choose highest (this will use a lot of cpu/memory usage, but it will be faster)
    2. deselect show input video and show output video if you want

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