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[DeadMansHand] haha, last night, me and pete went out to celebrate his engagement and got hugely drunk
[DeadMansHand] we got this great idea to bury eachother in the sand close to the water and see who would chicken out first
[DeadMansHand] took about a half hour, but the water got up to my face so i freaked and got out
[DeadMansHand] i looked around for pete and he must've chickened out before me and stumbled home or something heh
[DeadMansHand] What'd he say when he woke up this morning?
[Thirteen-] uhh.. he hasn't come home yet.. i thought he was staying with you?
[DeadMansHand] holy fuck.
[DeadMansHand] i fucking hope im wrong about what im thinking right now
[DeadMansHand] im fucking going back to the beach to make sure
[DeadMansHand] if he gets home, call me, i don't want to be worrying about this
[Thirteen-] will do. you better hope he's not still buried, you'll be in deep shit.
quit: (DeadMansHand)
[Tyran] wtf? pete came home last night you fuck. Ken's going to be worrying about this shit all day
[Thirteen-] haha yea, but it will be fun while it lasts
join: (PeteRepeat) (bob@3F8C4655.11D1C8C.18637D35.IP)
[PeteRepeat] fucking ken
[PeteRepeat] ken... that fucker buried me in the sand last night, i ran off about 5 minutes to it, left him there to be an idiot
[quiqsilver] pete, ken didn't come back last night, i thought he was with you.
[PeteRepeat] oh fuck.
[PeteRepeat] if ken shows up, make sure he doesn't know that im at the beach digging for his body. i don't want him to think i care or anything.
quit: (PeteRepeat)
[Thirteen-] rofl. Those 2 are going to get a huge surprise when they meet at the beach.
[Tyran] i can't beleive how perfect their timing was

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