[games] Free Steam keys for Hamilton's Great Adventure and King Arthur

  1. Create an account on IGN.
  2. Go to my.ign.com/prime/hub
  3. Choose Join for free.
  4. Choose Prime - 7 Day Free Trial.
  5. Select a payment method. (Try Paypal or credit card. I couldn't pay with Paypal but it worked with my credit card)
  6. Go to https://login.ign.com/Subscribe/Manage/MySubscription.aspx and set Auto-Renew OFF. (This will cancel your subscription after 7 days and you won't be charged.)
  7. Now go to http://www.fileplanet.com/betas/hamiltons-great-adventure/ (use the same e-mail if you need to create an account) and click to get a Steam code for Hamilton's Great Adventure and King Arthur.

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