[tutorial] copy contacts from Nokia to Android/Gmail

Let's say you want to copy your contacts from a Nokia phone to an Android phone through Gmail.
  1. Mark all your Nokia contacts and then Create Backup/Copy from Phone to memory card.
  2. Connect your memory card or phone to your PC.
  3. Usually, the contacts copied are in Others - Contacts.
  4. Copy all contacts from there on your PC in C:\Contacts.
  5. Now open a Command Prompt windows: Windows Key + R - Type cmd - OK.
  6. Go to your copied contacts directory: Type C: - press Enter.
  7. Type cd \contacts - press Enter. Type copy /B *.vcf all.vcf - Enter
  8. Now go to Gmail Contacts, click on More - Import... - select all.vcf - Import.
  9. You can merge duplicates from More - Find & Merge duplicates....
  10. You can synchronize your Gmail contacts with your Android phone contacts now.

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