How to flash stock firmware on Samsung Galaxy Y Duos S6102

  1. Connect your phone to a wireless network.
  2. Charge your phone 100%.
  3. Type into your mobile *#1234# and write down PDA, PHONE and CSC.
  4. Type *2767*4387264636# and write your PCODE.
  5. Understand your PCODE (Samsung product code) by reading
  6. Go to and search your CSC.
  7. Create an account to download your stock firmware
  8. Extract the files from .zip file downloaded (should be .tar.md5 and .dll)
  9. Uninstall Kies and Samsung USB Drives for Mobile Phones
  10. Restart your PC
  11. Download and install Samsung USB Drivers for Mobile Phones (x86 & x64) from
  12. Restart your PC
  13. Download latest version of Odin (Odin 3.07 at this moment):
  14. Connect your phone to your Google Account: go to Settings - Accounts and Sync settings - Add account - Google - login to your Google/Gmail account.
  15. Backup your Contacts to your Google Account: go to Contacts - press Menu button - Import/Export - Export to SD card - Confirm by pressing Yes - press Menu button - Import from SD Card - Save contacts to your Google Account (it will duplicate your contacts but it doesn't matter). Now you have a backup on your SD Card and on your Google/Gmail Account.
  16. Backup your reminders by copying every memo to a new e-mail in Gmail and save it as Draft
  17. Backup your call logs and Messages by installing SMS Backup
  18. Charge your phone 100%
  19. If you need to backup anything else now is the time
  20. Turn off your device
  21. Remove you SD Card
  22. Press Volume Down + Home button + Power button
  23. You should see some text with a yellow triangle
  24. Press Volume Up to continue
  25. You should be in Odin Mode
  26. On your PC open Odin 3.07 (Open Odin before connecting your device to your PC)
  27. Check Auto Reboot
  28. Check F. Reset Time
  29. Connect your device to your PC
  30. In Odin it should appear COM# and in the message box "Added"
  31. Press PDA and choose the file .tar.md5
  32. Press Start and wait
  33. Do not touch your device
  34. Do not close Odin
  35. Do not turn off your PC
  36. If you get SetupConnection freeze: close Odin - disconnect your device - power off your device by pressing Power button - repeat steps from
  37. If you get "Fail" message: close Odin - disconnect your device - power off your device by pressing Power button - change your USB port - repeat steps from
  38. After the process has ended close Odin
  39. Do a hard reset: power off your device - press Volume Up + Home + Power - use Volume buttons to navigate and Home to navigate - go to Wipe data/Factory reset - Confirm - go to Reboot system now
  40. That's it

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