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How to force sync Google Calendar in Android

If you use Contacts birthdays and events option from Google Calendar you probably want them to syncronize with your smartphone.

After you edit your contact to add their birthday you would think it should syncronize automatically. It doesn't.

To force the syncronization between Google Calendar and your Android smartphone:
Go to Calendar app.Press the menu button.Go to Calendars to display.Press Calendars to sync.Deselect all calendars.Press OK.Check the calendar. It should be empty of all events.Go back to Calendars to display.Press Calendars to sync.Select your prefered calendars, including Contacts birthdays and events.Check the calendar.After a few second it should populate with your newly added birthdays.

How to use a free dynamic DNS service on D-Link router

This tutorial was made on a D-Link DIR-825 router, but should work on any D-Link router with Dynamic DNS option.

What does Dynamic DNS do?
It gives a domain name (address) to a dynamic IP or static. The domain is automatically updated with every IP change of your device through a service called There are many dynamic DNS services, but this one is used by D-Link.

Why use a domain name instead of an IP?
The name is static and easier to remember.

Why use a dynamic DNS?
To host any kind of server and access the server easily.

How to use a dynamic DNS service on a D-Link router?
Open a browser.Go to in to your router (default user: admin, there is no default password, just click Log In). If you don't have a password go to Tools -- Admin -- under Admin Password type the new password -- Save Settings -- log in with the new password.Go to Tools -- Admin.Check Enable Dynamic DNS.Select a dynamic DNS server from the drop down list.If you already have an account for Dy…

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