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Holoportation: virtual 3D teleportation in real-time (Microsoft Research)


Having problems with battery life on Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge?

Just wait at least 3 days since you finished setup your phone to get that great battery life you heard so much about

It says this in Settings - Battery - App power saving: "To save battery power, apps that have not been used for more than 3 days have been set to save power. Apps set to save power may be unable to provide notifications".

Basically this means to wait 3 days after you finished installing and personalizing your apps. After 3 days, all the apps that you didn't use in the last 3 days will be set to save power.

You can install Greenify temporarily to check what apps might keep your device from using Doze. Just go to Greenify and tap on the plus sign. You will see "Running in background" list and "May slow down the device when..." list. Check what apps are in the "Running in background" list and, if possible, uninstall them. After that, you can uninstall Greenify if you want.

Best price in Romania for Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge is found a…

Bryan Cranston's Advice to Aspiring Actors


AxiDraw - personal writing and drawing machine


Proof of evolution that you can find on your body


Ghid privind implementarea legii Antifumat pentru prevenirea si combaterea consumului produselor din tutun


Apple and encryption situation explained by John Oliver


Lamps To Grow Plants In Windowless Spaces - The Mygdal plant lamp


Cum sa te pregatesti de Ora Pamantului #changeclimatechange

Cu cateva ore inainte anuntati toti prietenii ca participi la Earth Hour. Poate vor sa ti se alature.Cu cateva secunde inainte te duci la sigurantele din casa si le opresti pe toate.Este bine sa anunti celelalte persoane din casa inainte sa faci acest lucru.Opreste telefonul, tableta, laptopul si alte deviceuri mobile.Ce poti face in timpul Orei Pamantului?Aprinde cateva lumanari.
Citeste o carte.
Distreaza-te cu prietenii pe intuneric.
Distreaza-te cu prietenul/prietena pe intuneric.
Genereaza electricitate.
Stocheaza electricitatea respectiva.
Fa exercitii fizice.Ora Pamantului va fi pe 19 martie 2016, la ora 20:30.Citeste acest ghid si viziteaza pentru mai multe detalii.

Thermal imaging camera for mobile devices

Seek Thermal offers two types of consumer thermal imaging cameras for mobile devices, Compact and CompactXR. The difference between them is the range. Compact has a detection distance of 300 meters while CompactXR is almost double, with a detection distance of 550 meters.

Azerty has the best price for Compact and CompactXR at this moment in Romania:
Seek Thermal Compact for iOS
Seek Thermal Compact for Android
Seek Thermal CompactXR for iOS
Seek Thermal CompactXR for Android

Below you can see the specs.

How to setup Samsung Gear VR and Trinus VR to play Minecraft

On the smartphone, download and install Package Disabler (I found an older version on or buy from Play Store, current version 1.4)Open Package Disable and search for vrsvcDisable Gear VR Service (this will stop Oculus app to start when connecting the smartphone to Gear VR)Download and install Trinus VR Lite (10 minutes per session) or buy the full version from Play Store (current version 2.0.6)Open Trinus VR Lite on smartphoneOn the PC, download and install Trinus VR server (current version 2.0.6)Open Trinus VR serverGo to Video tabSet Fake3D to Enabled (this will show the same image for both eyes)Press the right bottom triangle to start the serverOn the smartphone you should already see two images, side by sideStart a game in MinecraftChange mouse sensitivity to 150% to be able to rotate 360 degreesConnect the smartphone to Gear VR If you have any problems, restart the app first and then the server. Read the troubleshooting guide for further guidance.

The Deleted Social Experiment -- h3h3 reaction video


How to play 3D movies on Samsung Gear VR

Connect Samsung device to PCGo to Movies folderCreate a new folder called 3DCopy the movie in that folderConnect the device to Samsung Gear VROpen Oculus Video appGo to My VideosSelect your movieChoose a theater To play 3D panoramic (360 degrees) videos rename movies to any of these: movie-name_360_TB.mp4 (for top bottom videos)movie-name_360_BT.mp4 (for bottom top videos)movie-name_360_LR.mp4 (for left right videos)movie-name_360_RL.mp4 (for right left videos)
More info: Watching your videos in Oculus Video for 3D movies Viewing Your 360 videos in Oculus Video for panoramic movies

Seek Thermal Compact XR UT-AAA vs UT-EAA

I found out Seek Thermal Compact XR has two product codes, UT-AAA and UT-EAA. UT-AAA means it's released in USA and UT-EAA International.