How to play 3D movies on Samsung Gear VR

  1. Connect Samsung device to PC
  2. Go to Movies folder
  3. Create a new folder called 3D
  4. Copy the movie in that folder
  5. Connect the device to Samsung Gear VR
  6. Open Oculus Video app
  7. Go to My Videos
  8. Select your movie
  9. Choose a theater
To play 3D panoramic (360 degrees) videos rename movies to any of these:
  • movie-name_360_TB.mp4 (for top bottom videos)
  • movie-name_360_BT.mp4 (for bottom top videos)
  • movie-name_360_LR.mp4 (for left right videos)
  • movie-name_360_RL.mp4 (for right left videos)

More info:

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