How to setup Samsung Gear VR and Trinus VR to play Minecraft

  1. On the smartphone, download and install Package Disabler (I found an older version on or buy from Play Store, current version 1.4)
  2. Open Package Disable and search for vrsvc
  3. Disable Gear VR Service (this will stop Oculus app to start when connecting the smartphone to Gear VR)
  4. Download and install Trinus VR Lite (10 minutes per session) or buy the full version from Play Store (current version 2.0.6)
  5. Open Trinus VR Lite on smartphone
  6. On the PC, download and install Trinus VR server (current version 2.0.6)
  7. Open Trinus VR server
  8. Go to Video tab
  9. Set Fake3D to Enabled (this will show the same image for both eyes)
  10. Press the right bottom triangle to start the server
  11. On the smartphone you should already see two images, side by side
  12. Start a game in Minecraft
  13. Change mouse sensitivity to 150% to be able to rotate 360 degrees
  14. Connect the smartphone to Gear VR
If you have any problems, restart the app first and then the server.
Read the troubleshooting guide for further guidance.

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